Giving your Instagram account a Kicksta Boost

How it works - Kicksta
How Kicksta works

Giving your Instagram account a Kicksta Boost | Are you an influencer or a company that offers products or services? Is the objective of your campaign is aiming for more followers to increase your exposure or for more calls to action? There is a tool that can help you with your Instagram followings, and it is readily available in the market to help you and your brand acquire your much-wanted number of real followers.

More followers on The Gram

Each product, company, and online influencer is aiming for continuous growth in their followers. But a social media app like Instagram does not have a feature that allows audience growth ads in comparison to other channels which makes acquiring new audiences easy. So what’s the better way to do it?

There actually is a lot of practical ways to increase the follower count organically. But those techniques would take some time that is why aspiring online influencers would often settle into purchasing fake followers as their quick fix which is actually not a good option.

Why does the number of Instagram followers matter?

There are brands that are on the lookout for social proof before they would start investing in advertising and promoting their brands. They are aware that the market will check their channels and they want to look legit.

For some brands, the marketing team has whimsical figures they want to see. If this is the case, and the brand is much concerned about getting more relevant followings at a faster pace, a tool like Kicksta can help to achieve this kind of goal and you’ll be surprised at the wonders it can do to your Instagram account. Let’s take a closer look at this superstar and get to know more about its features.

What is Kicksta?

Kicksta is among the many types of Instagram growth tools also known as an Instagram growth service. It is a type of service that aids influencers and brands to obtain actual followers on Instagram and turn it into more sales, paid partnerships, and gigs. They take pride in the fact that they do not use bots, fake followers, or spam. Kicksta promises organic growth powered by AI or artificial intelligence.

Kicksta Dashboard [Marketer]
Kicksta Dashboard

What Kicksta can do?

This tool uses a process for a quick sign-up to make it easy for the user to just alert the system of your target accounts that you want to acquire. It focuses on users who are following those targeted accounts instead of following them.

There are two available pricing plans for you to choose from. You can either purchase the Standard Plan which costs $49 or you may opt for a Premium Plan for the amount of $99. For the standard, video onboarding, 10 targets, and moderate growth is expected. While with a premium offering, you’ll get the maximum growth, 40 targets, video onboarding, live chat support, VIP email support, blacklist, and advance targeting.

kicksta targetsPros and Cons of Kicksta


  • There is a 14-day money-back guarantee
  • You can cancel it anytime
  • No contracts
  • Pay as you go
  • No software or app that you need to install


  • Customer support is only limited to those who have the premium plan
  • No free trial
  • It only facilitates growth via likes
  • Giving other people control over your account


kicksta pricing
Kicksta pricing

How safe is Kicksta?          

This tool is absolutely safe, but its growth rate is unpredictable. This is for the reason that it can only like one up to two photos on each of the followers on your targeted accounts, you have to make sure that the individuals on the target accounts are legit and active Instagram users.

If your competing brands have purchased followers who have spam or fake accounts, then it won’t do you good to still invest time and effort into getting them following your account.

We are giving Kicksta 4 out of 5 stars. This tool is an alternative way of directly purchasing followers, engagement, and likes. The only downside of this system is it only likes the followers’ activities on your recommended accounts and there is no definite guarantee in terms of engagements that it will do to increase your account’s growth.  It is imperative to do research on your recommended accounts on Kicksta’s account managers since there is a high chance that you will end up with an activity that is not beneficial for your brand for a hefty amount.