GPS Innovations for Transportation Entrepreneurs in 2017

How to Train Your Employees on a Budget

by Dan Radak | World Executives Digest |

Transportation is undergoing some major advancements in terms of GPS navigation and tracking. Even ordinary drivers can use incredibly accurate navigation apps on their smartphones. However, the fact that you can download free apps that will guide you from point A to point B is nothing in comparison with some professional tracking tools and apps. Entrepreneurs working in the field of commercial transportation can improve the quality of their work and reduce expenses through smart use of the following GPS innovations.

Your personal road assistance – Google Navigation

Google Maps has long been one of the most reliable and resourceful software tools for drivers around the world. They’re frequently updated, so you can rely on this app even on some new roads. What’s more, they also come with a great additional feature called Google Navigation. Thanks to the advanced technology used here, you can set your current location and the place you want to get to and the app will offer you several different routes. Also, it can be used in an offline mode.

To top it all off, you can also adapt it to your language and have real-time voice navigation as you drive. It can be of great help both to individual car drivers and to professional truck drivers. Find out more about some other tricks of this app in a post on the CNET website.

Locating fleet vehicles

Business owners that run transportation companies need GPS support for more complicated tasks. Since we still can’t completely rely on autonomous vehicles, especially in road freight transport, such companies need cutting-edge tech options to increase their work efficiency. Because of that, they should use GPS tracking solutions that enable them to locate their drivers and vehicles. Until a couple of years ago, they had to do it via special navigations devices. Today, however, they can rely on apps for smartphones. Another great benefit of GPS tracking is that they can locate a vehicle with unbelievable precision – we’re talking down to a few yards. This is extremely important, since that way you have an option to prevent dishonest drivers from using alternative routes that you haven’t approved. Also, you can hurry your drivers up if they need to deliver some goods up to a certain deadline.

Reducing expenses

Apart from being able to determine and change routes for your drivers in real time, modern GPS software provides you with some other crucial data about your trucks. Firstly, you can follow different changes on your vehicles during the drive. For instance, state-of-the-art tracking solutions can give reports on fuel consumption or speeding. Secondly, you can also receive regular feeds on the mileage made along the way and hazardous driving styles, as well. As software collects this data, you get useful driving profiles of your personnel. By using such advanced options, you can improve your fleet management and cut the expenses your drivers make.

Staff training

The American Truckers Association published a report in October 2015 in which they claimed that the average age of American truck drivers was 49. If you’re an owner of a trucking fleet, you must be aware that this field of work lacks young professionals. What you can do is apply a two-lane strategy to rejuvenate your driving team. On the one hand, you should train your older employees to accept and use the aforementioned GPS enhancements. On the other, young drivers need to be hired, to keep your workforce as vital as possible. When it comes to staff training, organize a course for your older drivers. For their own safety and your efficiency, give them a chance to use all the features they will need on the road in controlled conditions. It’s crucial that you aren’t hard on them, but give them support and professional assistance in educating them to become modern drivers who can use GPS-features wherever they go.

Apart from these innovations, follow the GPS-market and keep introducing new software solutions as they are released. Only a proactive approach to using modern technology in transportation will ensure that you stay ahead of the curve on your road to success.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is a coauthor on several websites and regular contributor to BizzMark Blog. Currently, he is working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.