Great Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure and Avoid Hypertension

Lower Your Blood Pressure

WorldExecutivesDigest.comI suffer from high blood pressure – it runs in my family so there was really no avoiding in – and my doctor is constantly stressing how important it is to not only monitor my hypertension but to take steps to lower my blood pressure on an everyday basis. 

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to lowering your blood pressure; the first being to educate yourself. It took me a while to realize exactly how important this step is in the process.

Learn about hypertension to keep your body in check

Educating yourself about your health issues is essential if you want to (hopefully) eliminate them from your life. I talked a lot with my doctor to learn about hypertension, its symptoms, possible causes, and what negative effects it can have long-term. While I think I will always need to be aware of my blood pressure, my doctor told me there are certainly ways to lower it long-term. 

So, I started doing some research. I checked with resource materials like books and informative videos, as well as more convenient sources like education apps and online articles. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to hypertension, and I wanted to make sure that everything I did find out was accurate. More than anything, I wanted to give myself a good foundation for making healthy choices moving forward. For this reason, learning about hypertension was a major step in the process. 

Diets for maintaining low blood pressure

The next step – as I learned through my research – was to create a diet plan for healthy eating that avoided foods that cause or lead to hypertension. This was a bit shocking at first because I had to lower my salt intake which, I won’t lie, was quite the struggle, but I began to see results right away. My blood pressure readings were far lower than what they had been just a couple weeks before I started my new diet. 

And, to help me along the way, I came across a list online that really helped me out. It’s a list of the best apps to lower blood pressure, and I found this to be a great resource, so I want to include them here. 

Best Apps to Lower Blood Pressure

I used a couple of these apps to help me plan and maintain my diet right from the start, which made everything so much easier. Now, after a few months of maintaining my diet, I’ve noticed a big difference in the foods I crave and my blood pressure levels are way lower than they used to be. 

Exercises to lower blood pressure

My doctor also strongly recommended that I create an exercise plan for myself that I could consistently stick to throughout the week. She told me that even thirty minutes a day is enough to help get my body in shape and lower blood pressure, so I tried it out. Just like with the diet, I struggled at first, but then I started noticing an improvement in my overall stamina. 

Not to mention that after a couple of weeks of steady exercise (30 minutes a day, four days a week), my blood pressure numbers decreased quite a bit. While I’m not someone who is thrilled at the idea of exercising, I can’t pretend that it hasn’t helped immensely in my journey toward lowering and maintaining a lowered blood pressure level. 


Yes, living with hypertension can be tough. Anyone who has experienced life with high blood pressure can contest to that, but there are ways to manage it. Lowering your blood pressure can have an immensely positive impact on your overall quality of life, and making sure that you stay educated on the topic, eating a healthy diet, and staying active as much as possible will help you to avoid the hypertension blues.