Green Business Ideas: the Grains of the Better Future


Tracey Clayton, WED |  Green business ideas are an immense ocean from which business owners and managers can draw ideas and inspiration. This great pool may be inexhaustible, but the reservoirs of energy and resources are certainly not. The earth degrades, greenhouse emissions plague us, and environmental pollution casts a sinister shadow over us. Hence, aspiring entrepreneurs are encouraged to go green, hailed as green champions of our time, and supported by stakeholders. Consequently, green business is not just some noble cause: It can also be a money-spinning machine.  

Environmental concerns

Technology is advancing by leaps and bound, bringing about the ever growing assortment of possibilities to build business greatness. What is more, grave environmental problems of our time, such as the depletion of the ozone layer and global warming, have turned the list of business priorities on its head. Profit generation no longer cuts it, as it is associated with the destruction of nature, waste generation, energy slathering, and wide-spread pollution.  

Therefore, the green way of thinking is taking hold across the business landscape. It encompasses people, and their health and wellbeing, as well as a natural habitat.  The freedom of choice has never been greater, and one of the prime goals is to keep the environmental impact to a minimum. There are two main courses of this undertaking: cutting down the energy consumption and harnessing renewable sources of energy.

Green essence

Commitment to eco-friendly practices is a real magnet for consumers. Business owners strive to stay on top of shifting customer preferences and come up with sustainably sourced products. Thus, we have been introduced to a wide range of alternatives to popular products and services.  We have witnessed a proliferation of nontoxic paints, reclaimed wood furniture, green construction materials, organic food, recycled clothing, etc.

The recycling industry is leading the way with strong winds in its sails, specifically the backing of environmentalists and governments worldwide. Likewise, product packaging has undergone some dramatic changes. There has been a surge in the sector of recycled paper bags and packing that can be easily decomposed when discarded. On the other hand, materials like glass cannot go through such process and enter a loop of recycling instead.

The price tag

The major roadblocks we face come in the form of high upfront costs of green improvements. That being said, businessmen should have sound long-term financial planning and realize the benefits that can be reaped in the future. Moreover, forward-thinking companies like Ygrene offer 100% financing for commercial and residential buildings with PACE financing. If you need PACE explained further, you can view it as an incredible way to secure the financial means for boosting the value of high-demand properties and accomplishing energy savings.  

Also, energy efficiency does not come with a hefty price tag attached. One can start small and invest in energy-saving light bulbs, for example. Affordable products like this also make it easier to launch a non-capital-intensive business and get the operations off the ground. Moreover, experts argue that such companies can thrive in virtually any market in the world and take advantage of global trending. There are many other ways to accomplish a profitable low start in areas like retail.

As a result, consignment stores are sprouting like mushrooms after the rain, as more and more people opt for used books, shoes, clothes, electronics, etc. Finally, the app market is booming at an unprecedented rate. Striking digital platforms serve as reference guides for recycling and upcycling, and as energy consumption trackers and optimizers. With their aid, anyone can embrace the green living as a whole or gain deeper insight into specific niche areas.  

Above and beyond

In this day and age, entrepreneurs are given a unique chance to endorse green practices and principles at their best. They are equipped with tools to set themselves apart from the competition and stay ahead of the curve. One can also empower daily operations, lower utility bills, increase the value of the property, launch green marketing campaigns, etc.  This brings benefits in terms of revenues, customer satisfaction, and brand awareness. The green economy is standing fairly strong and the upward trajectory is expected to continue in the 2017 and beyond.