Green Luxury: Sustainable Hotel Design with Original Elements

Luxury | Green Luxury: Sustainable Hotel Design with Original Elements | Society is increasingly aware of the importance of environmentally conscious building and interior design. As a result, more and more customers are trying to incorporate sustainability principles into their interiors. Interior designers have a tremendous impact on the sustainability of an environment because they decide which materials and products to use and how ecologically people can interact with their environment.

By applying sustainable interior design principles, designers reduce the negative environmental impacts of our society and build a better, more sustainable future.

The hotels of the world turn green

The hotels of the world turn green. Often criticized for its extravagance, the hospitality industry is making huge strides in environmental awareness, in which many green initiatives are becoming standards rather than recommended practices.

And it has never been more important. The social responsibility expectations of the guests and their demands for environmentally friendly products/services are gradually increasing. 

Travelers want to know that their vacation preferences support brands that work in an environmentally responsible way.

Sustainable and Luxurious

The architectural identity reflected by the projects built in parallel with the increasing hotel investments all over the world is the most important today and has become one of the intense elements. 

A good architectural design, where it is applied in hotel projects also shapes the operational success of the facility. While architectural designs that reflect the spirit of the buildings come along with technology, rich material types and application methods, when it comes to design in the architectural field; Creativity, luxury, functionality, guest comfort and being memorable come to the fore as well as sustainability, among the prominent trends.

In parallel with increasing tourism investments, hotel projects, which have an important place in the portfolio of many architectural offices today, have perhaps the most striking designs among structures built for different sectors.

The hotels, which were previously used only to meet the accommodation needs, have become places that live 24/7 today.

In the past; Quantitative values ​​such as fast consumption and the number of beds were at the forefront rather than the success of design, material quality, and focusing on comfort and aesthetics.

At this point, while many different concepts are designed with the advantages of technology, the investment of international hotel chains, the vitality in tourism, the increase in holiday options and possibilities have brought a new breath to the design of the hospitality sector.

Nowadays, where architectural design is getting more and more important, interior architecture has become one of the areas where most of the work is spent in hotel projects since the investment phase. In particular, 5-star hotels take care to work with brand designers in interior design applications and allocate a serious budget to implement luxury and sustainability together.

Aesthetic, back-to-nature elements, sustainable, functional and distinctive hotel projects are put in the practice. Nowadays, aesthetic and different hotel designs, created with the utmost details, are also the key to the success of the business. 

In hotel architecture where innovative, modern and original designs are widespread; Projects where flexible spaces are at the forefront, focus on guest comfort, functionality and energy savings are becoming trends. 

In this context, in recent years, more aesthetic, nature integrated, functional, in terms of use, innovative and foremost sustainable hotel projects are being built, which hotels’ architecture looking from past to present in line saying, it was a very positive development according to Algedra architects and interior designers, who are experts in their fields, especially in rural and coastal areas, innovative hotels with different designs are brought to life in the facilities. As hotels look for more professional solutions by working with interior design teams, there is a positive change in this direction in the world of architecture.