Guide To Anti-Ageing Treatments for Your Skin

Anti-Ageing Treatments for Your Skin Risks Of Skin Cancer
Image Credit : | Guide To Anti-Ageing Treatments for Your Skin | As you age, your skin tends to lose its elasticity. It also loses other essential elements such as collagen, water, calcium, etc. There are certain ways through which you can visibly reduce the signs of aging on your skin. 

Anti-aging treatment in Pune is one of the best ways to avoid the signs of aging. Let us look at some of the best treatments you can undergo for your skin.

  • Chemical peels

Chemical peels are one of the most widely available skin treatments. A chemical peel is available in various forms. You can go to a dermatologist or buy creams that have exfoliating elements or use any other topical forms of anti-aging treatment.

Chemical peels involve removing the uppermost layer of the skin using acids typically Alpha-hydroxy acid or beta-hydroxy acid depending upon the problem. If you use these in your regular topical creams they will have lesser percentages (from 2% to 10%).

They typically are found in toners, moisturizers, face packs, face washes, etc. If you go to a dermatologist, they might use higher percentages of the same acids. A chemical peel can be effective for skin issues such as age spots, hyperpigmentation, acne scars, sun damage, etc. The results are typically seen within a month or two.

  • Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is similar to a peel, where instead of a chemical/acid, physical exfoliants are used to remove the uppermost layer of the skin. It is an excellent form of exfoliation as it visibly improves skin texture, bumps, sun damage, age spots, etc.

Microdermabrasion involves a textured metal wand. It removes the skin cells and vacuums them out from the skin surface. The results can be seen almost immediately and last up to three to four weeks.

Common physical scrubs that are available in stores can also help in microdermabrasion. The effect would be much less deep on the skin surface but they visibly improve the texture of the skin. But the important thing to remember is that physical scrubs are to be used only twice or maximum thrice a week.

  • Injectables

Injectables are available in the form of Botox. It is used to reduce lines and wrinkles, crow’s feet, lines on the forehead, wrinkles between the eyes, etc. It is also one of the most popular treatments.

Botox basically blocks the muscle contractions temporarily under the skin and hence reduces frown lines, wrinkles, etc. Botox uses purified toxins for this purpose. The results can be seen almost immediately and can last up to 4 to 5 months.

Botox restricts the facial movements and hence the face can appear a lot more stiff and numb. Using too much Botox can feel less natural on the face.

  • Fillers

As we age, the water content and the nutrients in our skin are lost. The bone density is also reduced from the bone structure of the face. Collagen, which is hugely responsible for the plumpness of the skin, helps keep the skin fresh.

But as we age this collagen production reduces and hence we tend to lose the elasticity and other nutrients from our face as collagen holds these nutrients within. What chemical fillers do is restore the volume by filling in the areas that have lost collagen.

Which results in an uplifting feel to the skin. The results of fillers last for up to 6 months to a year. Good anti-aging treatment in Pune can help you solve your skin woes.

  • Latisse

Latisse is a formula that stimulates hair growth at the root. This is supposed to be done only after prescription and need not be used by everyone. The active ingredients are directly injected into the roots that help with the growth. The growth can be typically seen within a month.

  • Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is used with a laser micro peel. It makes the skin appear smoother, more even-toned, and tighter. Lasers use light energy to penetrate into the skin’s collagen layer and help restore the lost collagen.

It can also help with removing hyperpigmentation. They can even help repair the broken blood vessels that cause discoloration. The effects are typically seen within a month and these effects can last up to 6 months.

  • Microneedling

Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin treatment that is used to boost collagen production in the skin. As we age the collagen production of our skin reduces. Microneedling involves the doctor making small pricks in the skin.

They are so small in size that you may not even notice them; all you will notice are small red spots. These punctures are made to boost collagen production in the desired areas as the skin will heal these wounds on the face.

The new skin formed will be more firm and rejuvenated than the original. The results are seen mostly within a month and you might need multiple sessions to maintain these results.