Guide to buying a luxury watch

Guide to buying a luxury watch Increase Your Watch Value Over Time
Image Credit : | Guide to buying a luxury watch | Which Breitling holding value? Which Rolex type I should choose for? Finding a watch that perfectly matches your tastes and needs can be an extremely difficult task if you don’t know where to start looking. That is why we have prepared this buying guide, in which you can find details about all the aspects that you should take into consideration when buying a luxury watch.

We invite you to read and get all the information you need about the structure, types of strap, movement and other vital elements including investing in luxury watches.

  1. Bezel

    A fundamental part in the construction of any watch, the bezel is designed to provide protection and elegance to the outside of the watch. It is a very important aspect and can make big differences in the durability of the product. Depending on the style of the product, the bezel can be rotating or static. The quality of this element is variable in each watch brand and model. Fashion watches usually have crystals, diamonds or any other type of elegant finish in order to give important doses of glamor to the product in general. Of course, the bezel can also contribute specific functionalities related to time measurement.
  1. Crystal

    Elaborated and incorporated to protect the entire interior area of ​​the watch, it has a highly resistant and durable composition. Moreover, it allows excellent visibility of the different functions of the watch and usually has an anti-reflective treatment that facilitates the optimal reading of the time in any circumstance. The glass of watches is usually made from two types of materials. The first of them is the sapphire crystal, hard and resistant to any type of bump and scratch. On the other hand, we can also find mineral crystal, whose composition makes it practically invulnerable to any impact.
  2. Hour indicators

    Depending on the general look in which elegant men’s watches are designed, the type and style of the hour markers can vary considerably. Modern clocks, for example, tend to dispense with numbers as a way to signal the time, while the more traditional ones even use Roman numerals. Also, in the most luxurious watch brands we could find small crystal or diamond points as hour markers. Sports watches meanwhile, in addition to having clearer markings, also usually incorporate a luminescent coating that allows reading in any type of situation.
  3. Dial – Sphere

    It is in this aspect that we can really make a general assessment of the product. The decoration and finish of the central dial is undoubtedly the perfect place to appreciate the art of watchmaking. Some of the design finishes that stand out the most are Guilloche and Côtes de Genève. Any of these styles will give the watch a huge dose of luxury and style. Of course, all these aspects are skillfully combined with the other elements of the watch. Mother-of-pearl or carbon fiber finishes, for example, can be part of the composition of markers and achieve a combination of enormous elegance.
  4. Case Back – Clock Back

    It is the back of the watch and is designed to provide protection, firmness and security to the product. However, this does not mean that it cannot bring beauty and glamor to the watch, being an aesthetic space that has been extensively worked on by designers. It is an area that is usually used for making engravings and that constitute a fundamental aspect when creating Special Editions. It can also be designed with ergonomic attributes in mind, providing all the facilities for the watch to be comfortable to wear.
  1. The value

Nowadays, buying a luxury watch can also be categorized as an investment act. Some brands have a stable resale value even in some cases, increasing. Therefore, when you decide to invest in a luxury watch, it is important that you read some guides, such as the Cartier Watches Holding Value Guide. To ensure safety in investing, focus your search on brands such as Rolex, Breitling and Cartier. 

Hopefully after reading this article you can understand how to choose the right luxury watch.