Guide to buying phone covers for Vivo V19

phone covers for Vivo V19 | Guide to buying phone covers for Vivo V19 | Camera, display, battery, appeal : Vivo phones have it all. One of the highly purchased model, Vivo V19 is splendid indeed. And if you have it already, well and good. But have you thought of protecting it with the right Vivo V19 cover? To make you more aware and be a step ahead of the world, we have a very essential guide on how to buy your  Vivo V19 cover.

What are the factors you should be considering?

1. Heavy metal

Made using heavy metal alloy, it conveniently houses your phone and protects it efficiently from falls and drops. Use this Vivo V19 cover for extreme protection of your phone. They add good weight to the phone, which might not go well with users who want a sleek, lightweight cover. But you get good protection by mixing this heavy metal back cover with a tempered glass screen protector that will give you intense protection from any mishaps.

2. Holster mobile phone covers

Holsters are made of leather, nylon, and synthetic alternatives to leather. It features a clip that you can attach to the belt. Though they offer good protection, holster mobile covers can be quite bulky, making it challenging to access the phone as you need to take it out of the cover every time. They are also quite expensive and a worthy investment if you can deal with the speculation of taking it in and out of the cover while making/getting a call.

3. Fabric cases

Though it sounds weird at first, fabric materials are irresistible once you hold them in your hand. Way more sophisticated than a standard case and can survive even the hardest falls. They are also available in different shades and designs that suit personal choice.

4. Wallet cases

If you love to keep everything in one place, this wallet mobile phone cover is just for you. It features attached pockets where you can store your credit card, cash, headphones, etc., thus serving multiple purposes. You can totally skip carrying a wallet.

5. Slim profile

This is the simplest case with minimal features. It is light, sleek and has a decent grip. If you are a busy person who has to answer calls and texts every other minute, your phone must be flexible and easy to handle without being bulky or an annoying flap. Choosing a slim profile back cover, you won’t even realize you’ve added something to your phone because its unbelievably light but also, keeps your phone safe and spill free up to some extent

6. Chargeable

This invention is a real saviour. If you keep forgetting to charge your phone and whenever you head out, your phone has 2% battery. Disappointing! Power banks are helpful but they are added load. Now, could you ask for anything better than a phone cover that protects your phone and charges it at the same time! These back covers can be charged and they keep your phone on especially in emergency crisis. If you hike, camp or are a carefree person, you have found your elixir.

7. Customized phone cases 

Online stores such as printshoppy, yourprint, etc make customized cases. By customized, we mean that you get to design your Vivo S1 pro back cover. You can ask them to print your picture, your family picture, maybe your favourite singer, actor, anime character, superhero, quotes you like or whatever that is close to your heart. The print quality of these cases is pretty good and durable but you cannot rely on these for high level protection. They are more to make your phone look fun.


We are super busy nowadays and we don’t have time to take care of ourselves, let alone our phones. We have to think about the safety of the phone and also take care of the aesthetics and visual appearance of the phone too. In this guide we have provided a solution to this and a lot more. Now that you know the game plan, you will be able to pick the best Vivo V19 cover easily for your Vivo V19 and otherwise too. With this, we shall leave you informed here to make the decision.