Guide to Living Life to The Fullest With a Low Immunity

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Low immunity or suppressed immunity is not such an uncommon affliction among children and adults in the USA. It essentially means you are more susceptible to different kinds of microbial infections. You are more likely to visit the doctor more often and get more blood tests, but living with a “subpar” immunity is not impossible at all. In fact, anyone can be a part of daily activities and live a healthy life with a few precautions.

More tests, fewer diseases

People with suppressed or low immunity usually need more tests. It is especially true if you are on immunosuppressant drugs. Doctors typically prescribe these drugs after organ transplants. There are cases when the recipient has shown signs of infections after a transplant due to the artificially reduced immunity. Thus, it is common for a doctor to prescribe WBC esterase 1urinetests and regular blood tests for routine monitoring. It is usually no cause for alarm.

Make proper diet choices

Anyone with a weak or low immunity is bound to face periods of feeling faint, feverish and sluggish. Even the regular tasks of daily life can seem like significant challenges if your immunity is out of shape. Instead of sweating yourself about the lack of energy and vigor, you should instead try to eat healthy to boost your system nutritionally.

You may want to try the following to add an extra dash of energy to your life:

  • Cut down the consumption of processed food.
  • Do not opt for nutritional supplements unless your doctor recommends it.
  • Only eat natural food and include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.
  • Do not try to eat a lot of raw food or undercooked food.
  • If you think you need extra vitamins, ask your doctor before heading to the drug store.
  • Most importantly, only drink filtered or boiled water. Do not drink water unless you know where it is coming from. Opt for mineral water when you are eating out.

Stay away from infections

Keeping yourself safe is another crucial step towards a healthier life. You need to stay away from sources of disease, and that includes dirty hands, pets, unkempt gardens and even unclean garages. Follow these steps to make sure you are as far away from infection as possible:

  • Make sure the people around you always stay up to date on their vaccines.
  • When in the market, subway or on a crowded bus, always wear a surgical mask.
  • Carry a good quality hand sanitizer (preferably the kind they use at healthcare clinics). Use it after you shake hands and before you eat.
  • Brush your hair regularly, bathe regularly and wash your laundry separately.
  • Stay away from people who are sick and always call your doctor at the first sign of sickness.
  • Get plenty of rest. Sleep helps to replenish wounded and dying cells of the immune system.

You can always boost your immunity with a little movement. Working out is not just for the hunks and the lifters. You can stick to indoor yoga, pranayamas, and asanas to boost your health from the inside.