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    A watch is an investment that provides more than just the ability to tell time. Often, people have an emotional attachment to their watch. Timepieces become a part of the individual as it reflects their own personal taste and style, but it also becomes part of memories and experiences as it is something you always have on you. Sometimes, watches are given as gifts and are thus tied to certain loved ones or significant people in a person’s life. As such, watch maintenance is important as it helps ensure the longevity of the watch and that its quality is maintained. 

    Here are a few things to remember when it comes to watch maintenance:

    Do Not Drop the Watch

    Although a quite straightforward and obvious tip, it is important to remember to avoid dropping the watch. This could lead to numerous problems, starting with damaging the watch crystal or the watch case. Though these could be replaced, it would already diminish the value of the watch. What might be worse is if the internals and the mechanics of the watch itself are damaged in the fall, leading to worse headaches. The watch could also be damaged or scratched while worn if it is slammed against a surface or if collides with something hard.

    In order to prevent dropping the watch, always be careful when taking it off and putting it on and try as much as possible to keep it away from ledges. If you know you will be running into walls or be in tight spaces, consider taking the watch off first.

    Properly Store the Watch

    A simple tip in watch maintenance is to keep a hold of the box the watch came in and to store it there. Properly storing a watch can help it avoid damage as leaving it on its side or on the crystal itself could possibly scratch the watch. The watch box was made for the purpose of protecting the watch, so make use of it. As much as possible, keep the watch in a dry, room temperature environment.

    Avoid Extreme Temperatures

    It is also important to remember in watch maintenance to keep the watch away from extreme heat or cold as these can cause damage to the movement of the watch. Also, quickly moving between hot and cold temperature could cause parts within the watch to expand and contract. Water vapor and condensation may enter the dial and cause damage. Extreme eat can also dry the watch lubricant and cause fiction between gears., and if it cannot be avoided, gradually expose the watch to extreme temperatures. 

    Limit Sun Exposure

    Try to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun as it can cause several problems to your watch. First, sunlight could fade the color on the watch if exposed for too long. Also, the heat from sunlight can cause the problems stated earlier as well as shorten the battery life of the timepiece. For leather watch straps, the sun also negatively affects it. When possible, try to keep the watch in the shade or under a sleeve to avoid direct sunlight.

    Keep Away from Magnets

    Magnets can negatively affect the timekeeping of a watch, so it is important to avoid these as much as possible in watch maintenance. A magnetic field can affect the escapement of the watch which regulates the oscillations and helps keep proper timing. Though there are watches that are designed to withstand high magnetic fields and some watchmakers are using alternative materials inside their movements to avoid the effects of magnets, it is still recommended to take caution and avoid them as much as possible.

    Check the Water Resistance

    Watch maintenance includes monitoring your watch regularly. Though most watches are built with some form of water resistance, the seal might not be as good over time. The material used in gaskets and seals can dry out, affecting the water-resistance of a watch. Water-resistance is not a permanent condition, so have your watch tested annually to check if the watch is still water-resistant.

    For chronographs, it is advisable not to start it underwater as this can allow water to enter the case. Pressing pushers underwater can compromise the seal, allowing water into the movement and possibly causing rust. This can also damage the dial and cause it to rust or discolor. 

    Do Not Use Chemicals

    Though it is important to clean your timepiece for proper watch maintenance, avoid using soap as this can adversely affect your watch. Try using a microfiber cloth with a little water, but ensure your crown is secure and try to avoid moistening your leather strap. Chemicals are bad for your watch as cosmetics, perfumes, and detergents may damage the case, gasket, or strap of the watch. Also, if you are using a leather strap, avoid perfume as it can weaken a band and possibly cause it to wear. When applying perfume, let it dry before wearing your watch.

    Wind Carefully

    It is important to keep your watch wound as it keeps the watch working properly and spread the lubricants, preventing them from concealing over time. Though it is more convenient to wind your watch while wearing it, you could accidentally pull the crown out at the wrong angle or you could over the wind. The angle at which you move the crown while wearing a watch could cause stress on the movement. It is best to remove the watch before winding to get a proper feel and to pull the crown out correctly.

    Though these are steps that you can take to make sure you are taking care of your watch while using it, it is still important to get the watch serviced periodically to ensure that it is in proper working order for a longer period of time. You can visit a Timeline Service Centers and leave your watch in the care of professionals as they will properly maintain and look after your watch, ensuring its quality and longevity.

    Timeline Service Centers:

    Address: UGF, 10-11 New Farmers Plaza,
    Cubao Quezon City
    Tel (02)911-1444
    10:00AM to 7:00PM

    Address: Citizen Service Center 291-B Escolta St.
    Binondo Manila
    Tel (02)242-4946
    9:00AM to 6:00PM

    Address: 1008 A. Arnaiz Avenue
    Makati City
    Tel (02)843-3283
    10:00AM to 7:00PM

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