Heartshaper Asia Launches First C-Commerce in a Partnership Deal with Liberty Insurance

HAI Media formalizes its content commerce partnership with Liberty Insurance for its Kasambahay Insurance and Mediphone service, among others. In photo from left: Daniel Soan (VP-Marketing & Sales, Liberty), Josefina Salvador (GM, Liberty), Homer Nievera (CEO, Heartshaper Asia Inc.) and Dick Cabusao (AVP-Marketing & Sales, Liberty).

Manila, Philippines – Asia’s first and only content marketing solutions firm, Heartshaper Asia, Inc. (HAI Media), inked a partnership with Liberty Insurance recently. The deal launches Liberty Insurance into the digital commerce space with their products such as the Kasambahay Insurance and Mediphone being made available for purchase online. This also launches the very first Content Commerce (C-Commerce) platform in Asia through Heartshaper Asia and its sister company, Marketboost.

HAI Media, as the content marketing partner of Liberty Insurance, will soon launch a microsite where their insurance products will be made available. The microsite will be promoted through a series of articles explaining the value of Liberty’s insurance products. Customers will then be able to directly purchase the insurance package they prefer through an online payment facility. Their policies can either be printed or sent to them electronically, or have an option to have the policy couriered.

According to Heartshaper Asia CEO Homer Nievera, this long-term deal with Liberty Insurance effectively integrates their services and e-commerce platform with the largely untapped Microinsurance market.

“Pushing microinsurance is right along HAI Media’s advocacy of helping the unbanked Filipinos gain financial literacy. Using our content and e-commerce platforms allows them access to digital commerce solutions, thus raising their technology literacy as well,” says Nievera.

Nievera sees this partnership with Liberty Insurance as an opportunity to educate a greater number of Filipinos on the value of having insurance through what he calls as the “sachet” or “tingi” strategy that microinsurance represents.

“This might be the spark the insurance industry is probably waiting for. In fact, our company recently joined the prestigious Philippine Insurers Club (PIC) to show our commitment to our advocacy,” added Nievera.

Heartshaper Asia is the first and only PIC member company belonging to the digital marketing and technology industry.

Nievera is a long-time digital evangelist and speaker who advocates the use of digital technologies by SMEs to make them at par with multinational companies in their marketing efforts and various endeavors.