Helpful Tips to Be a More Confident Speaker

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Helpful Tips to Be a More Confident Speaker | Speaking in front of a large audience can be overwhelming and nerve-racking for most people. A confident speaker feels sure of their ability to deliver an excellent speech or presentation. Anyone can become a successful speaker provided they put in the effort to improve their confidence. Fortunately, there are proven methods to project confidence while delivering a speech. This article offers some helpful tips on how to be a more confident speaker.

1. Listen to famous speeches by renowned speakers.

If you want to become a more confident speaker, consider learning from the best in the public speaking industry. Watch a few Ted Talks to see notable examples of talented public speakers. Pay close attention to how they play with words, the pauses they take, and the pace at which they speak. This is helpful, especially if you’re delivering a presentation with time constraints.

Go a step further to listen to speakers in your chosen niche. Let’s say you’re a practitioner in the real estate sector. You may want to emulate great real estate speakers like Ryan Serhant. Aside from being a public speaker, Ryan is the CEO of SERHANT, a multi-level brokerage firm in the United States specializing in technology, education, and digital marketing. He’s also a member of the national association of realtors and the Executive Speakers Bureau (ESB).

Ryan built his career from the ground up to become a renowned thought leader in the global real estate industry and the number one broker worldwide. When it comes to corporate event professionals, Ryan Serhant can be your real estate keynote speaker. The bestselling author leverages his speaking engagements and skill as a motivational speaker to help young real estate agents get started in their careers. The award-winning real estate agent is reputed to leave a lasting impact on any crowd. The bottom line is that listening to real estate motivational speakers like Ryan can boost your ability to tap into your inner well of self-confidence.

2. Try to speak clearly and not too fast.

As a rule, public speakers should never rush through a speech or presentation. Most people tend to speak much faster when they are anxious. This doesn’t in any way project confidence and can water down the contents of your speech. Aim to speak slowly while making a speech. This practice keeps your rate of speech at a bare minimum and gives you more control. Remember, taking your time to speak does not mean speaking in a monotone. Similarly, your speech shouldn’t be boring because you’re speaking slowly. Take the initiative and maintain a steady speaking pace.

Do you have problems with communication, fluency, or articulation? Consider participating in speech therapy games to boost your oral skills. A typical speech therapy game can help you treat different communication impairments. Speech therapists streamline your favorite games to suit your needs. While these educational games are designed for young children, you can benefit significantly from them. Consider speaking to a speech-language pathologist to surmount any language problem you may be facing.

3. Research extensively on your assigned topic.

Regardless of the topic or idea you’re given, you must be well-versed in the subject. The general assumption in public speaking is that the keynote speaker is an expert in the subject matter and knows a great deal more than the audience. One way to be a more confident speaker is to do your homework and come to the event prepared. Be ready to provide comprehensive answers to any questions that may come up during your speech or presentation.

Conducting in-depth research into the topic and adequately preparing can leave you feeling confident and reduce any fears about giving the speech. There’s no better way to keep your audience engaged than going in prepared for a presentation. Finally, eat nutritious meals in the moments leading up to the talk to enable you to feel your best.