Here are the top reasons to switch to electronic bidet seats like the washlet

electronic bidet seats like the washlet
Image source: | Here are the top reasons to switch to electronic bidet seats like the washlet | Running out of toilet paper is a common fear faced by people in Australia, especially during the pandemic. One of the first pieces of news that quickly spread during the initial days of the pandemic was the shortage of toilet paper across supermarkets in the country. People started panic buying and hoarding it in fear of it running out. Switching to electronic bidet seats such as the Toto washlet is the perfect alternative that will ensure never having this fear again.

What are electronic bidets? 

Humanity has come a long way since the use of chamber pots during medieval times. The creation and use of bidets can be traced back to the 1700s. They have now become a common feature in toilets across countries in Europe and Asia. The modern electronic version of the bidet is attachable to toilet bowls and comes with many automatic features. For instance, the Toto washlet, which was first developed in Japan and is now gaining popularity across Australia, is an electronic toilet seat with a water-cleansing system that can be attached to already existing toilet bowls or can be purchased as an integrated set along with the bowl.

What are its functions and features? 

Electronic bidet seats are high-tech devices that have multiple features in addition to the primary function of a cleansing toilet seat. Different versions of these products allow one to select the level of water pressure and the temperature of the water. Other features include seat warming, warm air dryers, automatic raising and closing of the lid, and automatic flushing options. The air-drying function works similar to a hairdryer. Features like the heated seats, warm air drying, and selecting the water temperature can be beneficial during the colder winter months.

Advantages over toilet paper: 

  • Cleanliness and hygiene: Studies have shown that using toilet paper is not as hygienic as is commonly believed. On the contrary, it can increase the chances of getting skin rashes, irritation and infections. Water, on the other hand, is the most basic and universally used cleaning agent. The most common way to clean one’s body is to wash it in the shower or bath. Using a bidet seat is comparable to that. Electronic bidet attachments like the Toto washlet also include an automatic cleansing function that keeps the toilet bowl clean. Additionally, most versions of the product have an automatic deodoriser, which cleans the air around the toilet and removes unpleasant odours.
  • Sustainability and the environment: Multiple studies have shown the environmental cost of manufacturing toilet paper. The production process requires an enormous amount of electricity, water, chlorine, and trees. Electronic bidet seats are a more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative.
  • Cost and value: Unlike toilet paper that needs to be constantly purchased and restocked, electronic bidet seats are a one-time purchase. It makes them easy on the pocket in the long run. Moreover, investing in these products can save the day during the current uncertain times filled with shortages of all kinds of commodities.

Bathrooms are among the few spaces in today’s busy lifestyle where one can get the time and personal space to breathe and relax. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to allow oneself the privilege of having a clean, fresh, and relaxing experience.