Here’s How to Educate Kids on Climate Change Through Children’s Books

children's books | Climate change isn’t usually taught in children’s books. It is a topic that’s difficult to explain to kids but is really relevant nowadays. It’s a complex subject that 5 to 10 year-olds wouldn’t easily understand. While basic reading and writing, manners, and skills enrichment are already part of lesson plans, books, and teaching modules, it is only right to make them aware of their environment at an early age. Sometimes, it’s even made part of research for teachers where they will need help with coursework, too.

Climate change refers to the changes in weather patterns all over the world. This includes ice melts in Antartica, the Arctic, and Greenland, rising sea levels, shrinking mountain glaciers, and changes in plant blooming times. This concept may sound too complicated to understand, given the jargons and terms mentioned, but there sure is a way for kids to understand it easily: to create stories on climate change through children’s books.

Pacha’s Pajamas, a flagship project of Balance Edutainment, is a storybook which tackles connectedness, compassion, self-confidence, and lessons on environmental awareness. This storybook isn’t just like an ordinary book because it uses augmented reality (AR) which surely makes reading time more fun. Also, it includes a soundtrack accompaniment which features over 70 artists including Yasiin “Mos Def” Bey, Cheech Marin, rock legend Lester Chambers, Talib Kweli, Majora Carter, and Les Nubians. Using the Pacha Alive app, the drawings on the books would become animated and would “come alive” as you hover the app over it.

children's booksPacha is Pacha’s Pajamas’ main character, a little girl, who, in her sleep, dreams of getting into adventures with the plants and animals printed on her PJs. There, they all join together for a nature festival to save the planet Earth. She even calls of a global dance party to bring everyone across the world together for a single cause.

Through Pacha’s dream and her friends throughout the journey, kids would surely realize that even as a kid like Pacha, he/she could make a difference. Their imagination would lead them to simple ways to help save the environment, together with other kids. Aside from honing their reading skills, kids would learn that something is happening with Mother Earth and that they have to do something, even in their own little ways. At the same time, the augmented reality technology incorporated in the book would make kids visualize the events and actions on the storyline, helping them comprehend the lesson easily.

Even as kids, it is important to give kids a sense of awareness of what is happening around them so they won’t grow as clueless members of the society. Also, starting it young would create more changes as they adapt to their learnings on climate change through children’s books. Pacha’s Pajamas now makes it possible to teach kids about climate change through children’s books without worrying if they would understand it or not. Through Pacha’s Pajamas, educate the children on our connection with Mother Earth and one another, that through our awareness and cooperation, we can all create a world that’s desirable to live in.

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