Hollywood Celebrities Serving Time Behind the Bars

Hollywood Celebrities

WorldExecutivesDigest.com | Hollywood Celebrities Serving Time behind the Bars | Nobody wants to be dragged to the court for their mistakes. But people must be held accountable for their actions. No one is above the law of the country. The social structure lets the rich and the famous get away with doing things that ordinary people would not. They are given a free pass at most of the things. So, sometimes they get into the habit of breaking the law. They think the world will bend over backward to help them. But when they commit a crime there must be consequences that follow. We see in the tabloid that so many celebrities get out of jail quickly. They access easy to bail. Do you want to know how do they minimize the damage done? Let’s find out.

Bail and Bondsman

When someone is arrested by the police authority they are taken to jail. Jail is different from prison. The difference should be kept in mind. Prison is somewhere you end up in after there is a court hearing. So, immediately after the arrest, the police can’t take you to prison. One is kept in jail, and they are produced shortly in the court for the hearing. But you can minimize the whole public hearing process by getting a bail. Bail bonds is an amount of money to be paid against the crime you committed. The bail lets you out of the jail for a certain period, you are however liable to make courtroom visits on given dates. A bondsman is a person who helps you navigate the bail system and makes sure you spend a minimum amount of time inside jail.

Celebrities in Jail:

From serious criminal charges to drunken driving, celebrities have all types of charges against them. The recent and very public allegations against R. Kelly were up all over the news for public consumption. He is currently in prison and is still denied bail as the charges against him are severe. A-List celebrities such as Nicholas Cage, Lindsay Lohan among many others have their share of jail moment. Famous popsinger Justin Bieber was arrested back in 2014 for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was slapped with a $2500 bail. For a multimillionaire like him, that amount is nothing. So, it is clear that for a celebrity paying the bail money won’t be the problem. But the problem will be the media and paparazzi. Here are a few tips on how to lessen the damage.

  • Kill the news: The first attempt should be to not allow the media to know about the arrest. It can hurt your reputation. But when you are a celebrity it is hard to keep things on the low. Paparazzi will sure to be tipped off and they’ll come flocking to you. The most important thing now to do is, let your management talk to the gossip media house and kill the news. You can pay major publications to not highlight your news in the media and hope for the best.
  • Family: The next thing to do is to talk to the extended and immediate family to not speak with the media. If they open their mouths about the details of the case then it can easily escalate in the publishing industry.
  • The right people: You should engage lawyers who are absolutely the best in the game. You must hire a bondsman so that your jail period is short. You must employ the best PR management team and they’ll lessen the blow in the outer world.

Nobody wants to be in a tricky situation. The best you can do is to pray that you are never behind the bars. But if you end up in jail, you should act smart and get all the help you need. The goal is to say informed and maintain composure.