Home Solution – All About Gas Ducted Heating Installation


Gas ducted heating installation is a home solution remedy which allows people to heat the whole house by installing just one system. This particular heating unit is usually installed in the roof space or outside the home where the unit is connected to a network of ducts and outlets. The outlets are placed in your home in either the ceiling or the floor. And the air originating from the outlets circulates throughout the enclosed area and then passes through a return air grille or back through the heater to be warmed yet again. Reasons to opt for gas ducted heating installation

We will come across various home heating options, but research has proven that the gas ducted heating installation are done in a centralized way and are the best considering all the available home heating options.  

Gas deducted heaters provides the following 11 astounding features when installed at homes:

  1. Instant heat the entire house and turns down the temperature,
  2. Provides fresh air ventilation,
  3. Condensation is reduced to a greater extent,
  4. Controls the temperature throughout the day, works for 24 hours a day,
  5. Models with star energy efficiency are available as well,
  6. Produces cleaner and healthier air,
  7. Have comparatively lower running costs as compared to other systems in the market,
  8. Provides four heating zones for individual comfort and effectiveness,
  9. It has the ability to add on the fresh ventilation system,
  10. The MB4 and MB5 units of the systems improves the cooling effect,
  11. Provides full warranty protection and is supported by a comprehensive range of service network,
  12. A wide range of units available with respect to the size, efficiency rating, the kind of gas type, and etc,
  13. Summer fans installed on all standard units,
  14. Latest technologies applied.

The gas ducted heating installation is simple and easy to use:

It has a very simple, user friendly controller, which is the Navigator. The Navigator is designed with simplicity in mind, which allows us the full programmability to tailor the Bonaire system and thus meet our lifestyle needs. It is the most user friendly plus completely functional controller that can be found in the market. Be it for the whole or for partial heating, ventilation, one cannot get better performance or value than gas ducted heating installation system. The system gets heated in no time, prevents condensation and also reduces the humidity in summer.

How does the Gas Deducted heating installation system work?

  • A home solution on gas ducted heating installation system works wherein the heated air is distributed throughout the home by a comprehensive network of ducts that is generally connected to the roof cavity or under the floor.
  • The clean burning gas heats up the air in a heat exchanger where the warm air enters each room through an outlet located in the wall, ceiling or the wall. After that the heated air is circulated and re circulated through an inlet which is normally centrally located or may be in the wall or ceiling. This air is then passed back over the heat exchanger, heated and re-circulated yet again.
  • The size of the heat exchanger that is installed is determined by the size of the house, heating or cooling, insulation, building materials, windows and local climatic conditions. Bonaire is a company that constantly stresses design, engineering and execution details, and you can get the finest home solution on heating installations from this company.

When it comes to finding a Bonaire premier dealer in your locality for your home solution on gas ducted heating installation, you need to be careful about the warranty and the longevity along with the safety features of the products. So check a dealer and respond accordingly.