Hospitality: Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Hotel Linen

Hospitality: Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Hotel Linen

Hospitality: Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Hotel Linen | The first thing we notice immediately when we enter a hotel room is the bedding, therefore, it is necessary to choose the best linen for the room of your hotel for a good first impression on the customers. As more hoteliers spend time and effort to ensure their guests have a relaxed good night’s sleep, it’s time to wake up and smell the proverbial coffee, because sleeping is a big factor. Apart from the environmental factors, which can affect our sleeping habits, there is one thing hoteliers can do to ensure that their guests enjoy the moment their head falls on the pillow is by choosing the best hotel linen. It’s important to understand the science of sleep; why the effects of lack of sleep matter and how hoteliers can always ensure a peaceful and trouble-free sleep. But it is also equally important to consider how the choice of hotel linen by hotel owners can impact the feel of a room and provide an optimal sleeping environment.

Choosing of Cotton 

Cotton is undoubtedly the most common bedding material and is widely used both in houses and in five-star hotels. Cotton is strong, breathable, easy to care for, easy to wash, and offers excellent value for money as well as incredible durability. Mercerized cotton is becoming increasingly popular with hoteliers as makes the fabric looks brighter making it a fantastic luxury bedding -Option. When cotton is mercerized, sodium hydroxide is applied to the cotton fibres. This treatment strengthens the fabric, increases its resistance to mold, and facilitates dyeing, which makes the sheets noticeably lighter for longer, making it the perfect choice for hotel linen. This mercerized cotton duvet cover has an impeccable shine, increased strength, and flexibility preferred by many boutiques and high-end hotels. Mercerized cotton does not shrink as much as non-mercerized cotton, so the treatment is perfect for lodging establishments that must undergo a more rigorous washing process than at home. Therefore, choosing cotton is the best option for offering your customers a peaceful sleep on your hotel linen. 

Color of the Hotel linen

Another important thing that you must consider is the color of the hotel linen. We must make sure that we get the most appropriate color of bedding for your rooms. The most used color is white but often the duvets of the beds are in a different color to suit the image of the hotel. If your hotel has a color preference based on their branding, then using a duvet of that color may seem very appropriate as it would help in promoting the image of the hotel. In addition to this, very few hotels opt for colored hotel linen, but if you do, you should make sure to choose colors that look inviting and most importantly clean. If the color of the linen highlights the dirtiness or easily attracts dirt, it may lead to a bad impression in the mind of the customer and will discourage them from coming back to your hotel again. Hence, choose with a lot of caution. 

Protecting Your Bed 

Another major factor that you should consider when choosing your hotel linen is that it is durable enough to protect your bed. As we know buying a mattress or bed can be a huge investment; therefore, you must choose hotel linen that will protect your investment. Protecting the bed should also be a top priority on your list. 

What we have discussed in this article are some of the important things that you should consider when choosing hotel linen for your hotels. Keeping in mind these factors will help you make the perfect choice that will be both cost-effective and a treat for your customers.