How a group of millennials is inspiring CEOs to share knowledge

How a group of millennials is inspiring CEOs to share knowledge 2020 - World Executives Digest

World Executives Digest| How a group of millennials is inspiring CEOs to share knowledge |Who would’ve thought that a group of young millennials could inspire CEOs around the world to share knowledge with each other?

A group of millennials is working hard every day to bring senior executives together to share knowledge with each other on specific business topics. With the promise of providing absolute confidentiality and a pitch-free environment, participants can challenge each other’s ideas and gain knowledge that can be applied in their decision-making.

“We are a very young team but it’s great to see so many companies trusting us to inspire relevant conversations that are valuable to all participants. We wanted to bring the attention back to real conversations, away from microphones, cameras, social media and merchandising”, said Jessica Circi, Managing Partner of The Ortus Club.

Today, the team frequently works with multinationals from all sectors who suggest topics they take at heart. Their clients include firms such as Google, SAP, Microsoft, Dell, Zendesk, and Oracle.

Bringing together CEOs from similarly sized companies encourages the sharing of valuable knowledge that can drive industries forward or give a good idea on whether certain trends are here to stay or not. Discussions have been hosted in most business capitals around the world including New York City, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Sydney, Shanghai, Mumbai and Paris.

“It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to listen in on some of these discussions. Of course, we never record or publish anything that is mentioned in the dining rooms but I feel like each discussion teaches more than any lecture I could possibly pay for”, said one of the team members.

If you could have dinner with any 15 executives, who would they be and what would want to talk about?