How Can Companies Protect Themselves from Workers’ Comp Lawsuits?

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Even if your company has excellent insurance, a major workers’ compensation claim can be incredibly expensive. A single mishap or oversight could result in skyrocketing premiums or an ongoing legal battle that brings your company to a grinding halt. Here are a few tactics that business owners and HR teams can use to protect themselves from workers’ comp lawsuits.

Develop a Health and Safety Plan

There are two different reasons why every company should develop a solid health and safety plan. In addition to keeping your employees safe, one of those plans will also show good faith if a lawsuit occurs. Without a health and safety plan, an employee might be able to claim that you didn’t take steps to protect them. That program should include a written handbook as well as classes for your employees.

Screen Your Employees

Properly screening your employees is one of the most effective ways to protect your company. You want to be absolutely sure that your employees are healthy enough to perform their duties. You might also want to consider drug testing each employee before they start a new position. Some insurance providers will even lower your premiums if you have a solid anti-drug policy in place. Unless you have thousands of employees, it will most likely be more affordable to hire an outside company to conduct those tests.

Provide the Proper Safety Equipment

Every single employee must be wearing the proper safety equipment at all times. That might include goggles, heavy-duty boots, gloves, hard hats, flame-resistant clothing, and respirators. Employees who will be working around vehicles need to wear reflective gear as well. If you don’t know what type of safety gear your employees should have, then you need to consult with a representative from OSHA.

Contact an Attorney

Hiring an attorney before any workers’ compensation claims are made could save you from quite a few hassles down the road. An experienced legal representative can help you come up with an airtight plan for workers’ comp lawsuits. They will also be able to recommend local safety auditors who can carefully inspect every inch of your business.

Your team is going to be exposed to countless risks over the years, and that is why you must constantly be looking for new ways to protect them. With a little bit of foresight and some diligence, you should be able to avoid a wide variety of workers’ comp issues.