How Cooling Feature Works on Pillow Protector?

How Cooling Feature Works on Pillow Protector?
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Imagine that you’re going home after having hectic days that make you sweat so hard, and you put your body on the bed with a warm, wear and tear pillow. It makes you annoyed, right? That’s why you need to have a good pillow protector to keep the pillow cool and maintained.

Before getting a good pillow cover like Everlasting Comfort Waterproof Pillow Protectors, why don’t we talk about how the cooling feature works in Pillow protectors? Here it is.

Part 1 : How cooling pillow protector work

Sweating continuously can’t be avoided, especially when you live in a hot-temperature area or after having busy days. Sometimes, it makes the sleeper uncomfortable to sleep because it makes the pillow warm and not fresh to use. This problem can be solved by selecting the right pillow protector that has a cooling feature.

You don’t need cooling mattresses or mattress protectors to have the cool feeling when sleeping. Getting the right pillow protector will make you reach toward it. Moreover, it’s budget-friendly, so why don’t you choose this option?

Ideally, the good temperature for sleep is 60 – 67 degrees fahrenheit. Some pillow protectors that have this feature can instantly lower the temperature around your head and neck. It surely will make you sleep easier because of the fresh and peaceful mood. The main thing that can make this happen is the breathability of the pillow.

Pillow protector that not only protects the pillow, but also makes it breathe well is the best choice for anyone who wants to sleep with freshness. It works by the design that allows the pillow to circulate airflow through the filling inside of the pillow. Material of the protector is one from the factors that can influence breathability. So, choose the product with the right material!

Part 2 : Recommendation Product

Some companies offer pillow protectors with this feature. One of them that provides the best quality is Everlasting Comfort! They have many options for their pillow protectors, like Everlasting Comfort Waterproof Pillow Protectors or the one that has hypoallergenic technology. But all of it has that factor to make the pillow breathe well.

Specifically, Everlasting Comfort Waterproof Pillow Protectors is a nice protector where it can make the pillow stay fresh every night. It makes the pillow easy to breathe so can keep the temperature stay lower than your head. The waterproof feature also adds to the value of this product. It’s 100% waterproof which makes it good for shielding against any threat liquid that could harm the pillow from wear and tear. 

It has Polyester as the material, which it has good durability and can retain body heat. It is also hydrophobic, which makes it easy to dry. These are the reasons why this product is recommended for people who want to sleep with a fresh and peaceful feeling. You can get this on their official website

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