How do you properly recycle at home?

How do you properly recycle at home? | How do you properly recycle at home? | People are becoming increasingly aware of the damage we are all doing to the planet. It’s no longer enough to blame the big corporations when every individual can make a difference. One of the biggest things you can do, which is surprisingly easy, is learn to recycle properly at home.

Follow these steps and you’ll soon be virtually eliminating waste from your home as you recycle everything.

Flatten Cardboard

Cardboard is recyclable but it takes up a considerable amount of room in any bin. That’s why you should flatten it first and then place it in a dedicated container, this will allow you to get more in your bin.

Use Sanitary Bins

You can grab new bathroom attire and sanitary bins Sydney here. This will help to ensure that all sanitary waste products are put into the bin and not flushed down the toilet when they shouldn’t be. Whether you then sort the rubbish in the sanitary bin is up to you.

This also illustrates the importance of having separate bins for the different types of waste and recycling materials.

This can be one of the biggest issues in that having numerous bins can occupy a considerable amount of space at home. But, you can always keep the bins in the garage and have smaller bins in the home. This will allow you to recycle properly.

Drop Off regularly

Another great way to encourage recycling without cluttering your home is to find a local recycling point and drop your things off regularly. Ideally, you’ll find one on the school run or the commute, allowing you to drop things off daily. This will prevent you from having to store items at home and increase the amount you recycle, because it’s easy.

Check If Unsure

You can check online or even call your local recycling authority to verify where specific items should be placed. If you have any queries contact them and get the right response. At east you’ll feel confident with your recycling abilities and that you’re doing your part.

Squash Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles can be as annoying as cardboard, they’ll quickly fill up any bin. However, you can also squash these. Simply remove the id and you’ll find the bottle squashes easily. Then slide the lid back on, it will prevent air from going back onto the bottle and re-inflating it.

Get Everyone Involved

The real key to successful home recycling is to make sure everyone at your home is involved. If you have children make the recycling into a game where they can win prizes. Or you can actually teach them about why it’s important to recycle. 

Children are fast learners and will be interested in the subject, give them a chance to do their bit and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Don’t forget, many of the items you choose to recycle can also be used to make art and other things around your home and garden. Encourage your family to re-use and reduce what is being thrown away.