How do you remodel entrance doors?

Mastering the Art of Apartment Hunting: Tips for Finding Your Dream Home entrance doors | How do you remodel entrance doors? | The entrance to your home is one of the first things that most people see when they visit. It can set the tone for the entire house. Whether you’re interested in making your house feel more upmarket, or you simply wish to transform the look of your home. Remodeling the entrance doors can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the house.

But, how do you do it right?

Rip It Out

Take a look at this impressive array of entrance doors and you’ll quickly find something that appeals to you. It should also look good on your home. 

Adopting the complete replacement approach takes a little planning. Your current doorframe will have a lintel above it, this spreads the weight of the wall and allows you to fit a doorway. You can relatively easily take one door out and replace it with another of the same size. 

But, if you really want to transform the look of your home you’ll need to consider enlarging the entrance door space. This is likely to mean replacing the lintel and getting planning permission.  You will need professional help to make sure all the boxes are ticked properly. 

Of course, the end result is worth it, double doors where once there was one looks impressive!


This may seem like a mundane approach. However, done properly a fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference to the way your front door looks. You’ll need to sand all the old paint off in order to get the best possible finish on your door. Then choose a color that you love and complements your home. 

Carefully apply as many coats as you need and consider adding a lacquer to the top to protect it against the elements. The effect will be stunning. 

Of course, you may need to look at the rest of the exterior after you’ve done this!

Upgrade Your Hardware

Your door will have a handle, numbers, perhaps a doorbell, or some other hardware. After years of battling the elements, this hardware will look tired. Replacing it is a straightforward process. But, if you do this at the same time as repainting it, you’ll completely transform the door, making it look like new. 

If you wish you can even replace the hinges on the door, this won’t just make it look better, it will also improve the opening and closing. You’ll lose the squeak as you open and close it! Doors usually have 3 hinges, you can replace them one at a time and not need to take the door off the hinges!

Ditch The Box

Letterboxes were common in doors but they don’t need to be there. Not only does a letterbox ruin the lines of the door, but it also won’t fit properly in glass doors, and it encourages damp to get into the inner structure of your door. 

Instead of having a letterbox in the door fit one by the gate with a key. Your mailman will thank you and your door will look completely different.