How Flowers in the Workplace Can Boost Wellbeing and Productivity

How Flowers in the Workplace Can Boost Wellbeing and Productivity
Image source: | How Flowers in the Workplace Can Boost Wellbeing and Productivity | Office plants are not merely there for decoration. Sure flowers and greenery look pretty, but they can also boost wellbeing and productivity. A few things in the world can bring peace to humans as plants. If you’re a fan of flora or looking to become one, here’s why you need to have plants and flowers in the workplace:

The emotional impact

Flowers especially have a huge emotional impact on humans. They make every space feel more uplifting and welcoming, even drab offices. They brighten up any room and make even the coldest and darkest of days a little bit better.

According to studies, people who keep flowers at home feel kinder and more compassionate when compared to the time they didn’t have flowers at home. They also tend to be more relaxed and less worried. The same goes for your office: people who keep flowers in the office report feeling more enthusiastic and happy (especially if these flowers came from someone else).

Relaxation and stress reduction

Looking at flowers and plants has many relaxation benefits, but smelling them can double the positive impact. For example, the lavender smell is very successful in promoting relaxation and rest, so you can put a little bit in your break room or lounge corner in your office. If purple doesn’t fit your aesthetic, you can consider magnolia or Ylang-Ylang flowers for similar benefits. Jasmine on the other hand has a stress-reducing and uplifting smell perfect for offices that require an upbeat atmosphere.

Health benefits

All plants, flowers included, can absorb CO2 from the air and turn it into fresh oxygen, and every office needs a fresh supply that will keep our brains alert. And don’t believe those myths that during the night plants absorb all the oxygen they produced during the day—that’s not true. They produce more oxygen than they can take, leaving us with plenty of fresh air to enjoy. So adding plants to your office will not only improve your mood but also boost your health.

Creativity benefits

According to research, both men and women experience becoming more creative, innovative in thinking and better and problem-solving with surrounded by plants and flowers. In the Texas A&M University research, men generated a larger amount of ideas when working in an office with flowers and plants, while women came up with more creative and flexible solutions in the same environment. You don’t have to fill your entire office with flowers and plants (that would take a lot of time on maintenance) but you can buy a long lasting rose that will grace your desk or shelve and shower you with benefits. And you don’t have to worry about killing this one!

Productivity benefits

According to another research, when you add plants to a room without windows, it raises the productivity of everyone spending time in that windowless room. Participants have 12% quicker reaction time, they are less stressed and they report feeling more attentive—all very important things for office work.

Noise reduction

One of the reasons why people report better focus and productivity in rooms filled with flowers and plants is that plants work as buffers. They absorb sounds and minimize background office noise distractions. You can add small pots to tabletops and desks and position large pots in the corners and on the edges of the office to receive the full spectra of benefits. If you have space in your office, installing a focal floral centerpiece is also a great idea that will absorb noise and emit many health and productivity benefits.

Mood improvements

According to Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital research, flowers have another benefit that can cheer up billion so of people all over the world. All workers who don’t consider themselves to be “morning people” can feel a little bit better about waking up early in the morning by looking at flowers as they get up. Having the morning blahs is a real phenomenon, and in most people, friendliness, happiness and warmth come later in the day. But when people have some flowers to look at as they go about their morning routine, they perk up much faster.

As you can see, there’s no better way to liven up your office aesthetically and provide a mental, emotional and physical boost to your workers than with some greenery and flowers. Welcome nature to your workspace and it will return the favor manifold.