How is Painting Services Different in Commercial and Residential Spaces? | How is Painting Services Different in Commercial and Residential Spaces? | If you’ve been looking into local painting companies, you may be perplexed as to why they advertise that they can do both residential and commercial painting. Aren’t the steps for both forms of projects the same? Certainly not. For a variety of purposes, the painting industry distinguishes between residential and commercial painting.

Listed below are some important pointers that will help you differentiate between commercial and residential painting services.

The Vastness of the Project

When it comes to the scope of the project, it’s clear to see that commercial ventures are much bigger and more complicated. Consider painting a big hotel or a housing estate. This falls under the category of industrial painting services, while painting the exterior and interior of your home falls under the category of retail paints. Of course, the vast number of commercial projects available cannot be compared to the expensive large bungalows.

Amount of Time Taken and Labor Hiring Costs

It is also obvious that the time required to complete the painting of commercial projects would be lengthy and time-consuming. You can’t expect the project to be finished in a few days or weeks like a retail home painting job. With more time spent on the job, more laborers are required to finish the painting. Based on the time and scope of painting a commercial space, you’ll need a few hundred laborers. Hiring more laborers entails higher labor costs. Painting your home is not as complicated or time-consuming as you would think. Also, the largest of large homes and bungalows can be painted with only a few laborers (roughly 4-10).

Devices and Equipment Used

The tools and equipment used to perform painting services vary greatly. You must realize that, depending on the type of industry, commercial painting requires a high level of precision and smoothness to ensure that the paint is evenly distributed over the surface. Even a tenth of a millimeter error may be considered unacceptable. This isn’t usually the case when painting your house because you don’t need as much precision. Laborers in the commercial painting services industry must select from a variety of complicated types of equipment and paint sprayers in order to paint accurately and precisely.

Type of Paint and Industrial Certifications

When it comes to paint types, you’ll notice that they’re two entirely different categories. Based on the structure and form of materials and chemicals used, paints for homes and industries are significantly different. In addition, the paints industry needs various quality technical certifications for industrial, commercial, and residential paints.

painting the walls pink
Painting the walls pink

More Services

When it comes to industrial painting facilities, the staff have a wider range of experience and can perform a variety of pre-treatments. This varies depending on the industry and the specifications. There are some of them: Waterproofing of bricks Repairing a concrete roof Extra-durable paints with extra lamination Coatings for roofs Using stencils Sealing the joints Coatings that are waterproof and much more These facilities are sometimes available for home painting, but the chances are slim.

Time Scheduling of the Entire Project

Of course, you don’t have to follow strict deadlines when painting your house. Nonetheless, you may want the painting job to be done within a certain amount of time, but going beyond the time limit will not result in serious consequences, such as business losses. On the other hand, if you miss the deadline for finishing the paint job, the industry could suffer significant financial losses.


There are a wide variety of differences in commercial painting and retail painting services. The next time you hire a painting services company keeps the above point in mind to help you make you informed decision to select painting services.