How Mobile Technology Can Impact Your Sales [Infographic]


Heather Feldman, World Executives Digest Last year, it was estimated that 4.3 billion of the world’s population – or equivalent to 58.7% – were the world’s mobile phone users. This year, it’s expected to rise to up to 4.43 billion (or 59.9%) users worldwide. Trends show us that the user growth is slowing, yes, but the number of mobile phone users will still rise and climb up to 4.78 billion by 2020.

Mobile technology has become such a huge part of our lives. In fact, its influence only continues to grow as more and more technologies and developments arise. This has also affected a lot of industries that are now accessible via mobile usage. For example, 84% of shoppers in physical stores use their smartphones to get information about products they want to buy. Smartphones helped pave the way for boosting the eCommerce industry greatly.

For users, there’s very little doubt as to why they have grown to this big of a number when it comes to mobile usage. Mobiles provide them with a wide range of abilities that were previously only available through separate means. With just one gadget that fits in everyone’s pockets, we can send messages, call, take pictures, record videos and audio, enjoy music, play games, watch, surf the Internet, and more. All those capabilities in one, handheld, portable device that costs a small fraction compared to buying multiple gadgets for the job.

It may be a normal phenomenon for most people, but business owners know that this immense usage of mobile technology in the society can have an equally massive impact on their sales as well, if they do it correctly. This has prompted a lot of companies to invest heavily in tools and techniques to ensure that they market their products and services on this niche effectively through mobile use.

To find out the different ways on how mobile technology can impact your sales, and if it can really change your business for the better, here is an infographic on how mobile technology can impact sales by Healthy Business Builder: