How Much Does It Cost to Build a Loft

Image Credit: | How Much Does It Cost to Build a Loft | A loft is a smart addition to increase living space without spending a lot of money. Discover here how much does It cost to build a loft.

Have you ever thought about how to build a loft? Having a loft space is like having an extra story on your house and you can use it for so much, from a games room to an extra bedroom for when guests come round.

But you’ve probably been put off by the cost. There are lots of factors that go into determining the cost of converting your highest space into a livable environment that can add value to your home.

How Old is Your House?

This is an important question to ask because older houses were not always built with the idea of a loft in mind. Some houses that date back to the nineteenth century are built with stone or brick, not with wood.

These homes might be less solid and might have more awkward structures to convert into loft spaces.

Another thing to consider is whether your house is protected by State and Federal laws the ensure older buildings maintain their structure and continue to fit in with the local surroundings.

The date your house was built as well as the style will determine the nature and cost of the work that needs to be carried out.

Does It Need Structural Repairs?

Some houses can fall into despair quite over time, without you even realizing it. You may need to hire a structural engineer to investigate your house and whether a loft is sustainable.

If you want to create extra space in your loft then you may need to have your foundations reinforced or redone so that your house can take the extra load of a loft space.

The roof itself might also need some work to ensure that those inhabiting the loft space are kept warm and dry. The roof tiles might need to come off to ensure there is proper insulation.

Your roof might also not be the right height or shape for the intended purpose. If the ceiling is too low it can restrict the ability to use it for a bedroom. These structural repairs will increase the cost of your loft space conversion.

What Is The Purpose of Your Loft?

Another factor to consider is the purpose of your loft conversion. If you are looking at turning it into a bedroom then you will need to think about insulation and getting sufficient heating working in the room. Or maybe you’re looking for a space to throw an epic party in an artist’ loft.

If you are looking at creating a studio apartment in the attic then you need to include a kitchen. This will require running water for a sink and gas for the cooker. There might also be appliances that need wiring into the wall. The cost of this will all add up if you want it done right.

Adding a bathroom to any studio apartment will also cost a lot as there will be costs associated with installing the different appliances and making sure that rules and regulations for plumbing installations are followed accordingly. 

However, if you are just using the room as a games room or an additional lounge then there might not be any need for installing extra appliances and this could reduce your costs.

If your loft current has no proper flooring then loft boarding cost is something else you will need to factor in.

Will You Manage It Yourself or Hire Contractors?

It’s possible to convert an attic yourself but it will take time. You will have to allocate a number of months or even an entire year to convert it.

If you work full time then you might have to consider taking some time off work when the project nears its completion. This can be annoying and cost you money.

Hiring contractors is what most people do including a project manager who can take care of this for you. But simply selecting the cheapest contractors could end up costing you more money in the long run.

You want to make sure they do a good job and don’t cut corners when it comes to health and safety.

Always do your research. Read up on the market cost of projects similar to yours to see how much you should be paying. Read reviews and recommendations of different contractors and project managers. Use social media platforms to ask around.

You could also ask your friends and family to see if they used contractors that did a good job for a good price.

How to Build a Loft on a Budget? Do Your Research

If you are contemplating building a loft then you’ll want to keep your loft costs down, unless your Kristen Wiig of course. Her Soho loft was on the market for $2.6 million.  But at the same time, you don’t want to end up with a loft that doesn’t meet your requirements.

Worse still, you don’t want to end up dealing with cowboy builders who make your life a misery and ruining you financially. The key to solving all of these problems is to do your research.

Set yourself a budget that is realistic by finding out what the market value is for a loft conversion similar to yours.

Ask for recommendations or search Facebook or other social media networks to find out who the best builder or contractor is for the job. Remember to be upfront about the nature of the project and be clear about whether it includes a kitchen or plumbing appliances that will require installation.

Finally, make sure you have your house inspected before you start planning your loft conversion to make sure that it’s structurally sound and installing a loft won’t damage your property.

If you are in reading more about how to build a loft or loft prices be sure to check out the rest of our blog.