How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Private Jet? The Average Prices to Pay

private jet | How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Private Jet? The Average Prices to Pay | Are you wondering how much does it cost to rent a private jet? If yes, you should check out our guide here on the prices you can expect to pay.

We all travel for business and pleasure in the modern era more than in decades past. This is just a necessary part of the worldwide scope of today’s businesses. However, all this travel can get exhausting and depressing.

If you’re stuck on another red-eye flight, you might find yourself wondering: how much does it cost to rent a private jet? This is a kind of luxury travel that can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

Is it something that’s in your budget? It’s hard to know if you’ve never looked into this kind of travel. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you should expect.

Factors That Determine Cost

There are few more luxurious ways to travel the world than by private jet. If you really want to live like the rich and famous, getting on your own private plane can be the peak way to do so.

It’s safe to say that owning your own private jet likely isn’t an option unless you have a few spare million sitting around. Even on top of those costs, you’ll have to pay for the fuel, repairs, and maintenance.

Instead, you’ll likely want to charter a flight. How much a chartered flight will cost you will likely depend on a number of factors.

The two biggest will be the length of your flight and the size of the plane in question. These factors will contribute to the fuel cost, which is the biggest price-decider in flying. 

How many passengers you bring aboard and the kind of flight you take will also play a big part in the final price you’ll be looking at. 

Different Flying Options

Do you want to fly on a private jet to say that you did? Or do you actually want it to be one of your main forms of transportation? 

These questions become important when considering how you’ll approach your private jet dreams– and their cost. 

Big airplane companies like JetBlue and Delta offer their own private jet charter services. Most of these run off of memberships, with a sign-up fee somewhere between $6,000 and $8,000. Often, these services offer short flights from regional airports. 

If you’re looking to fly somewhere close by and want to skip the commercial air process, you might be able to get aboard one of these on a short ride for less than $200. 

If you plan on flying larger distances or very frequently, you might be better off owning a share of a jet with some other individuals. In this situation, you will pay for some of the initial purchasing costs and a portion of the maintenance fees. On top of that, you’ll pay for your flights by the hour. 

Your exact prices for this format will depend on the concierge service that you use.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Private Jet?

If you’re sick of commercial flying you’ve probably wondered: how much does it cost to rent a private jet? The above information can be a helpful guide.

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