How To Better Use Instagram With Right Growing Strategy

How To Better Use Instagram With Right Growing Strategy 2020 - World Executives Digest
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World Executives Digest| How To Better Use Instagram With Right Growing Strategy |Whether you are a blogger, an Influencer, a social media manager or a business owner, it is vital to have an active presence across all social media platforms to communicate and build a community of loyal customers. However, such a process is a lot easier said than being done. It’s a good thing there are Instagram growth services out there that can help.

Instagram is the perfect platform to connect with your prospects or targeted audience. Started as a simple photo-posting app, it has grown into a source of income for many professionals, marketers and companies. To get ahead of the competition on Instagram, you need to develop the right growing strategy that could boost your brand’s visibility, increase awareness, reach your targeted customers and drive sales. Your Instagram growth hack strategy should be broad and realistic, covering every feature of your marketing efforts.

What is Instagram Growth-Hacking?

Growth-Hacking doesn’t mean you have to make some illegal approach, such as using automated programs or tools and buying fake followers to increase your following on the said platform. Instagram growth-hacking is a new concept that involves experimentation using strategies from different marketing channels to identify effective methods to grow your brand.

How To Better Use Instagram

Below we’ve broken down eight tips to help you get started on Instagram and understand the best practices for growth.

  • Instagram Business Account

First things first, you need to have an Instagram business account to represent your brand. This gives you access to all the essential features that Instagram offers specifically for business accounts. You can also convert a personal Instagram account with brand-appropriate content to make the transition easier for your followers. When your business account is ready, it’s time to create a winning strategy by knowing and understanding your target audience and the kind of content your followers want to see, which brings us to the next tip.

  • Organic Instagram Growth Service

There are digital marketing agencies out there that are offering organic growth by finding people who show interest related to your niche and follow them manually without using any automated programs. However, make sure to hire a service that is strictly following the Instagram terms of service (ToS) to avoid getting suspended. 

Remember that using a bot is too risky since once you get caught, your account will get suspended or worse shadowbanned. The primary reason why you should try organic Instagram growth service is that you will be able to focus more on other important matters such as content creation and different strategies to grow your following.

  • User-Generated Content

Another great way to increase your following is by encouraging user-generated content or UGC. This type of approach is useful in building brand awareness organically since your followers are already the ones that are curating and sharing content about your brand without paying them. Moreover, UGC also helps your brand to boost SEO performance. This is because whenever your followers post contents in their wall or in their own blog containing a backlink to your website, it significantly improves your SEO ranking on search engines such as Google.

  • Hashtag Generator

If you are not optimizing the use of hashtags in your brand, then you are missing something big. Hashtags are powerful tools to reach a lot of people that show interest related to your brand’s niche. To optimize the hashtag you are going to use, one of the useful tools we can recommend is HashTagsForLikes. This tool helps generate the most current and trending hashtags in your niche. With relevant hashtags, you get to attract people and build engagement organically. 

  • Shout Outs

Similar to UGC, a shoutout involves a follower mentioning your brand in one or more of their social media posts either on their hashtags, captions or via a photo. They are easy to use and an excellent way of advertising your brand and increasing your growth.

  • Instagram Contests

The Instagram contest has been around for a while yet still very useful when it comes to growing your followers. There are many kinds of contests to choose from, but you must first create a plan and strategize properly before launching a contest event.

  • Influencer Marketing 

Similar to Instagram contests, Influencer marketing is a very common approach in the past years and considered as one of the oldest tricks in the book but still delivers impressive results when it comes to increasing your engagements and following. Depending on the credibility of the Influencer, he/she can attract lots of followers to see and try your brand based on their recommendation.

  • IGTV and Instagram Stories

Instagram TV or IGTV is the newest trend on Instagram, and it’s easier to watch videos thanks to its vertically full-screen format. The 10 to 15 seconds video preview is more than enough to catch the attention of people, and if your video is persuading, you can even convince them to click the ‘view the full video’ and the follow button.’

While there are still lots of ways to use Instagram to improve your following and growth, the above mentioned strategies are always a sure-fire way to get better engagement rates and increase your following organically without relying on automated programs.

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