How to Boost Your Sales with Visual Merchandising Tricks

Visual Merchandising
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Do you have some products that are just not selling? Do people walk by your store and don’t even look at your window? Is business slow in general? Don’t worry, we all experience a dip in sales every once in a while. Luckily, there are ways to improve your business such as visual merchandising. Here are some visual tricks that can help you increase your sales.

Improve your curb appeal

The first thing you can do is make your store inviting from the outside. You never know who can walk or drive by and be intrigued by your appearance. An organized parking lot and a clean driveway can say a lot about your business. You should make your store visible, which can be done by putting up banners on the building and various signposts and billboards along the road or sidewalk. In case you have a smaller store located on a busy street, you can attract potential customers by arranging an interesting window display.

Put up useful signs

There are two types of people who will visit your store – those who know exactly what they are looking for and those just perusing. In order to improve your chances of the former making a purchase, you should put up useful signs all over your store. Put up a floor plan or an interactive screen near the entrance. Explain which products are located where. Hang directional signs along the way. If someone walks into your store looking for an umbrella, for instance, finding the right section in no time can lead to a quick purchase.

Offer promotional materials

On the other hand, there are other strategies you can use to convert those who are just browsing through your store. For example, you can place a promo stand by the exit where they can pick up a brochure or catalog of your products. Moreover, those materials should contain all your promotions, discounts and sale dates. Make sure your printed materials are original and eye-catching. Maybe your visitors found something and want to show it to a friend before making a purchase. That way, maybe even their friend will become a customer.

Use colors to your advantage

You’ve probably heard of color psychology and how it can impact our emotions. Seeing as how not all colors are as effective, you should do some research before deciding which shades to use. For example, blues and greens are calming while orange and red are emotional. You do not want your store to be kitschy, so choose carefully. Solid backgrounds will make your products the focal point of the store, while bold colors are great for attracting people. Moreover, you should also keep in mind the colors of your neighbors’ displays. You want something that will contrast their colors and not just blend in. Your store should stand out from the rest.

Emphasize with lights

The way you use lighting in your store is crucial. When it comes to your primary lighting, you do not want it too dim because that can make it hard for customers to see your products. On the other hand, you also do not want it to be too bright. You should go for soft, warm ambient lights and complement them with some accent fixtures for a dramatic effect. Find which products are easily overseen and focus on them.

Group your products

Product grouping can be quite effective as it can tell a story to your customers. That means that your store should be organized in a practical manner. A great example would be keeping utensils near the plates. You can even set a table to show the customers how it all looks when combined. That means that if someone comes looking for plates, they might also buy utensils as they like the overall look.

Limit your offers

By having a limited time offer, you can lead people to impulse buying. If your audience sees that it is the last day of the 30% discount or that they can get 50% off today only, they might rush to buy a product as they do not want to miss a chance to save some money. You can also say that the sale is viable until you run out of the product. Put up a sign telling customers how many items you have left in inventory. People do not want to feel excluded and will probably make a purchase while they still can.

While visual tricks are a great way to boost your sales, not all of these tips will work for every industry. That is why you need to see which ones work for your business and tweak them as you go. With a little bit of effort, your sales are bound to increase!

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