How to Build a Grow Room Inside My House

How to Build a Grow Room Inside My House | The creation of grow rooms has revolutionized the way we raise certain plants, with Cannabis being one of the most famous. The history of grow rooms is rooted firmly in the history of hydroponics, or growing things without soil.

Hydroponics has existed for a few thousand years and was used in Babylon’s Hanging Gardens. Many cultures have used hydroponics on a vast scale over the centuries, but it took until the 1980s for people to adapt the practice on a smaller level.

The deciding factor was the creation of grow rooms. It allowed people to grow plants inside, away from the elements.

How do you build a grow room? Keep reading to find out.


Certain conditions need to be met for a grow room. One thing to consider is that the space has to be big enough.

There’s no limit to how big or small the space can be, so long as you’re able to grow enough plants in it. If you wish to grow one or two, a small space could work fine. If you want to grow more, you should choose a bigger space.

Keep in mind that unless you plan to grow for personal use, you’ll need proper certification. Here’s an application for Illinois, for example.

Noise Control

Hydroponics requires its own set of equipment, and some of that equipment is quite loud. This means that if you don’t live alone and would prefer to keep it that way, you’ll need to keep the noise under control.

This is why some people opt for a DIY grow tent instead of a grow room. It’s much easier to keep noise out of your house than to manage it from the inside.

To control the noise in your tent little touches like rugs, hanging sheets on the walls, and the like can go a long way. You can also build walls or add other soundproofing materials, although this costs more.

Power and Water

There’s a good chance your operation will need electricity, so you’ll need to find a power source. You’ll also need water, and the requires special attention to detail.

If you’ll be consuming or selling your cannabis, you’ll need to use filtered water. Feeding a plant with contaminated water could kill the plant or stunt its growth.

A plant given bad water can also harm people. Plants exposed to polluted water may spread e. coli and other illnesses. In fact, vegetables are bigger sources of foodborne illness than meat.

How to Build a Grow Room

Learning how to build a grow room can be a great business opportunity, but it takes a lot of work. We’ve discussed a bit about how to set up a grow room in this article, but between equipment to growing conditions, there’s a lot to cover.

That’s why we encourage you to do more research into the cannabis industry on your own if you’re interested. For more information on business in all its forms please visit our site.