How To Choose A Carpet For High Traffic Areas

How To Choose A Carpet For High Traffic Areas
Photo by Burak Kebapci from Pexels

WorldExecutivesDigest | How To Choose A Carpet For High Traffic Areas | Carpet is a great way to keep your house warm and cozy, reduce noise, and cushion the busiest areas of your home. One of the simple pleasures you take for granted is the ability to walk barefoot on a carpet that feels just right for your feet.

Choosing the correct carpet for your house isn’t always straightforward since there are so many options. There are some rooms and parts of the house where certain types of carpet function better than others. The correct carpet may also guarantee performance and reduce cleaning and maintenance requirements.

Aside from durability and maintenance, you need to know more about the styles and fiber types available. Consider the following variables when shopping for the perfect carpet in your high-traffic areas:

  • Decide The Fiber Type 

Whether you’re carefully considering velour carpet for high traffic areas or some other carpet styles, it’s essential to know first about the fiber these carpets use. Thousands of threads are used to construct carpets, woven onto a durable backing by special equipment and machinery. The fibers used for carpets are either turned into loops or piles, depending on the carpet type. 

But before you choose the type of carpet, it’s vital to select the fiber materials first. To take care of your carpet in the future, you’ll need to know what materials were used to construct it. Here are some common fiber types to consider: 

  • Nylon 

The best thing about nylon is that if it is adequately treated, it offers the best stain resistance, durability, and longevity. They come in different colors and styles, so you can easily find the perfect carpet for your home’s interior. 

This fiber material is excellent as it can withstand different stains and mess at home. 

  • Polyester  

Polyester is technically referred to as polyethylene terephthalate, or PET. This is manufactured by companies and is durable enough to last for some years. However, it could be the least sturdy compared to nylon and wool. 

This fiber is reasonably priced and is cheaper than the rest when it comes to pricing. Polyester gives you the feel and look of a luxury carpet without the cost. 

  • Wool 

Wool is a great candidate for any high-traffic application, whether you want to carpet your stairs or living room. With a long history dating back thousands of years, wool has proven to be a durable classic that never loses its appeal. 

It’s luxurious and comfortable during the winter season, so it’s perfect for homes with lower temperatures. 

  • Consider Weight And Density Features 

There are many top tips for installing carpets perfectly, but before researching those, it’s crucial to find the best carpet first. Dirt, stains, and tears will be minimized on heavier, denser mats. And this is a common perception and fact. 

Each fiber contains a twist that helps prevent the matting and crushing of the carpet. Matting will have a harder time damaging carpets with heavier twists. The texture created by heavy twists also helps hide wear and dirt. Hence, consider carpets that have these features.

  • Opt For Carpet Colors That Camouflage Dirt 

In high-traffic areas, stick to darker shades when choosing floor carpets. It’s embarrassing when people perceive your home as filthy simply because your carpets have apparent dirt and dust on them. 

The lighter colors make even the tiniest stains impossible to ignore, which are inevitable in high-traffic areas. By choosing a darker color, you’ll also create a nice contrast with the areas of your home with lighter carpets and reduce your need for frequent cleaning. 

  • Choose The Right Carpet Style 

In the carpet world, carpet comes in various styles, which are often referred to as piles. There are long, flowing ones and short, stubby ones. But be reminded that not all types of carpets are ideal for high-traffic areas. Get to know some kinds of pile types for carpets:

  • Twist-Pile 

To create this carpeting, longer strands of yarn are twisted together to form a thick, plush pile. The durability of this material makes it a popular choice for commercial use. 

  • Textured 

Variable-length strands create an eye-catching, durable surface on this type of carpet. This variety leaves fewer footprints than others, making it perfect for areas with a lot of foot traffic. They come in various color options to match your home’s style and design.

  • Low-Pile 

It is easy to maintain, resistant to stains, and is perfect for high-traffic areas in your home. The pile height is low at 0.20 inches, so dust and debris won’t accumulate within the carpet. 

  • Berber 

This densely woven carpet is perfect for stairways and hallways as it won’t shed quickly and adds a touch of class to these areas. However, some property owners don’t choose this pile type as it could sum up a hefty amount of money. 


There is no shortage of carpets designed for high-traffic areas, but choosing the right option for your home can be a challenging task. However, with the tips and considerations stated above, you can make it easier to find the best carpet for your home. 

Remember to consider the fiber material, pile type, weight, and color to ensure that they’re a perfect match for your home’s high-traffic setting. Once you finally find the best option, apply the right maintenance tips to clean carpets.     

Photo by Burak Kebapci from Pexels