How to Choose a Perfect Perfume for Her

How to Choose a Perfect Perfume for Her

How to Choose a Perfect Perfume for Her | Finding your signature perfume will be challenging than it may seem. While your favourite celebrity or your friend picked out a specific scent, that doesn’t mean the same one will be the one that best goes with your taste and personality. Choosing your perfumer is a long process. It requires a lot of research and testing if you want to pick out the perfume you’ll be wearing for years instead of getting sick and tired of it within the first month. If you still haven’t found the scent you enjoy wearing all day long, here’s how you can discover the one that you’ll fall in love with. 

Know your favourite notes

Are you more into floral aromas, or do you prefer fruity smells? Do you like wearing heavy musky perfumes, or would you rather go for something fresh and citrusy? You should choose your signature perfume according to its base notes. Namely, every fragrance has top, middle and base notes, and the ones you’ll smell first when testing a perfume are the top notes. However, don’t let those aromas fool you, but wait for the base notes to surface on top and only then should you make the final decision. 

Let your style be your guide

Your style can have a lot of impact on the choice of your perfume. If, for instance, you love to look and feel glamorous, then perfumes with musky, amber notes will give you all the confidence and glitz you need to be your fabulous self. For outdoorsy types who enjoy nature and woodsy earthy smells, Hermes perfume will be a perfect choice. Maybe you’re an athlete who prefers to spread fresh, zesty aromas around. In that case, look for perfumes with citrusy base notes such as DKNY and similar brands. 

Test it on the skin

One of the most important steps in finding your signature perfume is testing it on your skin first. You can use the test paper strips displayed in every perfume shop, but those won’t be enough to tell you whether you can handle the perfume notes on your skin all day long. If you choose Perfume/Parfum concentration instead of Eau de Toilette, for instance, the intensity of your fragrance will be much higher and will last on your skin for several hours longer. Therefore, spritzing a little bit of perfume on your wrist and behind your ear will be the best way to figure out whether you’re on the road to finding your signature fragrance or if you need to go in a completely different direction. Once the top and middle notes have evaporated, and the bottom ones prevailed, you’ll be able to tell whether you can go through your day with those aromas floating in the air. 

Don’t ignore your body chemistry

Your skin’s pH level, the type of your skin, and your body temperature will also determine how long the perfume will last on you and whether you’ll be able to wear it all year long or just during summer, or winter. Your body will have a unique reaction to fragrances, and according to that reaction, you’ll see whether your favourite perfume will be the ultimate favourite or if it will require changing when the temperatures are higher. You should also keep in mind that if your skin type is oily, the perfume will last longer on it than it would on dry skin. If the pH level of your skin is basic, consider applying a moisturizer before spraying the perfume, to make it last longer

Switch it up a little

If you’re in search of your next favourite fragrance, you’ll have to know how to begin your search. If you got tired of the old one, then maybe you should look for different notes and discover that floral aromas don’t appeal to you that much anymore. Step out of your comfort zone and try out musky, fruity or earthy notes instead. Just because you liked your perfume when you were a teenager, that doesn’t mean it’ll appeal to you in your late 20s too. With our personal development, the taste for perfumes also evolves and makes us like new aromas better than the ones we’re used to. 

Final thoughts

When you start looking for your new signature perfume, make sure you follow all the steps we’ve mentioned. It might require a week or longer to test all the scents and choose the one that’s right for you, but whatever you do – don’t rush your decision. You’re going to invest money and time into finding your new fragrance, so take your time and be meticulous in your search.