How to Choose the Right Car Stereo

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A good stereo is the heart and soul of every car. It is practically impossible to imagine a longer car drive without an appropriate soundtrack to make the trip easier and quicker. There is a whole philosophy behind finding the perfect car stereo for you, but many people are not familiar with the ins and outs of this “niche”. If you are a complete newbie when it comes to the whole universe of car audio systems, here’s how to choose the right car stereo.

The basics of car stereos

In order to choose the proper car stereo, you need to know at least some basic facts about such systems. First of all, you should not observe it as one closed system. It actually consists of three different sections – the source, the preamp and the amplifier. Each of these parts plays a crucial role in bringing you the blood-pumping sound that you have dreamed about.

The source is a visible part of the device that lends us a choice of what we hear, depending on the source. It is the “input” part of the device. The preamp is the “interface” – a part of the device that most people associate with the notion of a car stereo and an important set of controls for the volume, balance, etc. The amplifier is there to boost the low-voltage audio signal that comes from the preamp and into the high-voltage signal which goes to the speakers.

Make it modular

One of the most enticing aspects of modern car radios is that, as a whole, it is an entertainment system that consists of, as mentioned above, several parts. While you can have one complete package, you can also make it modular according to your preferences. If you are looking for a cutting-edge digital car radio akin to Strathfield car radios, you can customize your vehicular entertainment system according to the spec that will pander to your unique audio tastes. This modularity is the hallmark of modern systems due to the escalating cycle of supply and demand and it is an advantage that should be used, especially if you are at least a little bit savvy when it comes to electronics.

Set the right goals

Still, you can go for simplicity or choose a very sophisticated system – it all depends on one’s knowledge and requirements. One has to consider a number of possible features when it comes to that level of sophistication. A stereo offers a better sound quality and it can include a number of advanced capabilities like MP3/WMA/AAC playback, a support for Apple devices and Android systems, the connectivity to Bluetooth as well as GPS navigation and, of course, satellite radio and DVD playback. Ask yourself – what do I need from my car stereo? This is the best way to set the right, grounded goal.

The cosmetic aspect is a major player

If you are not particularly interested in the minutia of car stereo systems, you can opt for a no-brainer option and just purchase “the best bang for your buck”. After all, most people learn to recognize good sound but they are still laymen. This is why they focus on the cosmetics, which is actually not a trivial matter. If you choose a cutting-edge car stereo that comes with a number of visually stunning features – such as displays and an impressive design – the “curb appeal” of your car will increase significantly. The best thing about it lies in the fact that cosmetics are the easiest part to modify.

The safety factor

Of course, since these car stereos tend to be quite costly even under the best of circumstances, don’t even think about purchasing a car stereo with a preamp interface that is not detachable. By opting to purchase this feature, you are decreasing the probability of a mugged car by a significant margin, and your investment will stay protected.

Choosing the right car stereo is a philosophy of its own but it is not exactly rocket science. It’s all about knowing your tastes and getting in the right groove when it comes to the process. In the end, the most important matter to remember is that you should simply avoid sacrificing quality for the right price. Quality equals a higher fun coefficient.