How to Create a Spa Bathroom

Create a Spa Bathroom

A spa is a great addition to your bathroom. It’s a place to withdraw in and relax. At the same time, that’s not an expensive addition to make and if you make your plans on time and organize the work in phases, it can be done without breaking the bank and without disturbing the way you use the bathroom too much.

It’s a complicated project and it should include both the decorative and plumbing work. The key to its success is to have a clear idea of what you want the spa to look like, before you get into the work.

Set the tone

It’s important to keep in mind that spas are about a soothing experience and that they need to be designed with that tone in mind. This goes beyond adding bathtubs and concerns the color and lighting of the room most of all.

The room should have as much natural light as it can, but the furniture and the décor should in earth and dark tones in order to create the mood you’re going for. Many decide to add candles as well, but that can also be a safety concern.

Separate the tub

The tub is the key part of the bathroom especially the one that’s also a spa. Therefore it should be big and comfortable, and as much as it can be separated from the rest of the room. One of the ways of doing so is to set up a standalone tub, which is striking in appearance, but also difficult to set up.

Another, less expensive way to go is to set up a tub in one corner of the bathroom that will also be secluded and decorated for your enjoyment.


Tiles are the largest real-estate in a bathroom and they can set up its aesthetic and affect how comfortable your spa experience will be. They should be chosen not only based on the color and the tone you want to set up, but also based on how warm and how slippery they are.

It’s possible to replace the tiles all your own, since tiling tools are easy to find and use. This will cut quite a bit of your remodeling bill and give you a since of accomplishment once the work is done. Have in mind that fixing the tiles should be done when all the plumbing is completed.


Most of the attention is usually focused on the fixtures that are the most noticeable when you enter a small spa. However, the choice of metal for your faucets is also an important decision both when it comes to the design and to their longevity.

It’s best to go with mixed warmer metals such as gold and brass. These won’t be damaged by the warm water running through them and they look dashing especially if the rest of the spa is decorated with dark and calm colors.


One of the best ways to decorate a spa is with fresh greenery. This is less expensive than some other options might have been and it allows you to change the décor whenever you feel like it without too much effort. It’s however, important to choose the plants carefully.

They need to be chosen based on how well they would grow in the small and moist environment such as the spa. It’s also a good idea to choose those that won’t require too much effort to be maintained.

A spa can be easily added to your bathroom with a few plumbing modifications. Once it’s done, you can focus on making it soothing and beautiful to spend time in.