How to Create a Unique Product Experience for Your Brand

product experience Express delivery services | How to Create a Unique Product Experience for Your Brand | Discover how to elevate a customer’s perception of your brand and its offerings by developing and leveraging a product experience. Learn how in this guide.

About 65% of American customers are influenced more by the experience with a company than by advertising.

In other words, if you get the product experience right, you have a loyal customer. One of the more common mistakes that businesses make is that they focus on getting the sale rather than providing a great experience.

Do you want to know how you can shift that mindset in your business and position your company to grow? Find out how you can create a product experience for your customers that makes your brand stand out.

What Is Product Experience?

The product experience is how your customers perceive your company and the quality of its products. The higher the experience, the more likely they are to remain customers.

An underwhelming product experience will leave people unimpressed and likely to move on from your business.

Creating a Great Product Experience

You don’t want to focus on creating a great product without creating the perfect product experience to go along with that product. The fact is that the product experience touches every department in your company, not just the engineers that design the product.

Here are the ways you can create an outstanding product experience for your business.

Define the Brand and Customer

People love to have a consistent brand experience. You need to be able to create a product experience that is true to your brand and resonates with your customers.

Your brand is the connection that people have with your company. Understanding your customers means you know what they want from your product. An exercise machine can make someone feel confident or strong. By knowing what they want, you can create that experience before they make a purchase.

Marketing Is Part of the Experience

When you think of marketing, you’re likely to think of social media, display ads, and other common types of advertising. You want to make sure that you use the marketing channels that your customer uses. 

Other parts of marketing that make up the product experience are the pricing and ease of purchase of the product. If the pricing is right and it’s easy to make a purchase, your customers will get excited about the purchase and feel great about your company.

The Product Experience Doesn’t End at Purchase

The mistake that so many marketers and business owners make is that they end the customer experience at the point of transaction. They get the sale and they think that they can skate by.

That shows that they’re interested in creating transactional relationships. It also creates an unsustainable business because they create a churn and burn environment.

In that instance, they’ll have to fight to gain new customers to make up for the ones they lose. The financial cost and effort it takes to acquire new customers are much higher than to keep your customers to begin with. These businesses wind up exhausted and they eventually will run out of customers because of a bad reputation.

How can you avoid that fate for your business? You need to look at your customer experience beyond the purchase and map out how they’ll return to become customers again. These are the aspects that you need to pay attention to.

Shipping and Fulfillment

Customers have high shipping expectations, and thanks to Amazon, they can get products within a day or two. You may not have the logistics power of Amazon, but you can set realistic expectations for your customers.

You want to communicate with them before they finalize the purchase how long the shipment can take. The key here is to not underestimate shipping time. It’s better to overestimate shipping time and then delight your customers by getting the product delivered earlier than expected.

Your shipping and fulfillment company is a part of your company. When they deliver poor results, that will reflect on your company, not on them. You have to make sure that you work with the best packaging supplier that you can find.

Product Packaging

Have you ever received a new product where you couldn’t wait to open it and play with it? You open the box and the package design looked so cheap that you wondered if you ordered a counterfeit product.

Then you go to open the product package to find that it’s impossible to do without a tool. That happens every single day to consumers.

It leaves them frustrated and that ruins every other part of the product experience for them. You can’t overlook the product packaging as it’s a major part of the product experience.

The product packaging is the only physical connection that a customer has with your brand. You have to make it count with a sleek design that’s intuitive to use and protects the product.

Customer Support

Once the customer has their product in hand, you want to make sure that you maintain the high that customers get from buying a shiny new product.

You can follow up with your customers after a few days of receiving the product to see how they like it so far. You can also ask them for customer reviews after a month or two of having the product.

Your customer support team needs to be flexible to meet the needs of your customers. They expect to have a number of ways to ask a question, whether that’s by phone or through social media. You need to be ready to meet those concerns and give customers a prompt response.

Creating a Memorable Product Experience

Your customers have very high expectations. If you fail to meet them, you’ll be stuck in a position where you have to constantly get new customers. It makes it very hard to grow your business because you can barely break even each month.

If you want to create a top product experience for your customers, you have to carefully map out every small detail.

You can’t stop there, though. You need to remember product packaging, fulfillment, and support. If you want more tips to grow your business, check out how to pick the top Instagram tools for your marketing efforts.