How To Decide The Best Type of Tyre For Your Car?


Buying tyres is another expensive part of owning a car. Tyres are a key maintenance issue for vehicles because they are the rubber that meets the road every day. They must be checked regularly to monitor their tread wear to keep drivers safe from riding on bare tires. Car manufacturers automatically recommend that we replace our tyres after several years (6 to 10) anyway. Vehicles with good treads drive smoother and more safely on a roadway. When the roads are wet with snow or rain, worn tyres can cause slippage and when you are driving, this is hazardous. Speaking of weather, tyres are also exposed to sun, heat, ice, mud, snow, potholes, and sharp objects left on the road that we may not see until we have run over the top of it.

Tread Wear

Outdoor conditions will definitely change the way tyres fit on the car in addition to damaging them. When it is time to buy new tyres, many of us cringe because they are expensive and a necessary part of the car. You know when your car tyre treads are worn because the old method of taking an Australian 20c coin and placing it in the tread grooves is a truism. If the tread does not reach the bill of the platypus, then your tyres need to be changed quickly.

Tyre treadwear rating is important in how long the tread will last. If you have a tyre rated 200 then you can assume that it will last longer than a tyre tread of 100. When you get ready to buy a tyre also look at each manufacturer’s wear ratings. The lower the tyre tread works best on older model vehicles. The higher tyre tread rating is best for newer vehicles that you will have for years to come.

Purchase Tyres Online

There is never any excuse not to purchase new tyres for yourself. If you don’t have the budget and you need to buy tyres then many retail stores are more than cooperative in having you pay for tyres a little at a time. However, buying tyres online is easier and you save more money. Search for a trusted website that allows you to choose your new tyres ahead of time so that when you come into the business, you don’t have to wait.

Online tyre stores feature off-road tyres online and a wide range of tyre brands to fit all driving styles. Online stores help your tyre shopping easier by supplying the following options for the right fit. This includes the tyre size, your budget range, your type of vehicle, the tyre category, i.e., all-terrain or high performance, and all your favourite brands.

How To Buy Tyres

Buying the right tyres is knowing a little bit about what you need and what works best for your vehicle. We have discussed tread wear, therefore, there are an additional 6 points to consider while purchasing tyres:

  1. Traction/Temperature:

You may need to know your traction rating which can be found on your car’s maintenance literature. The tyre ratings are from highest to lowest as AA, A, B, and C. Australia doesn’t always rely on this measurement, but when shopping online, this information may be required from time to time based on U.S. treadwear rating. Both Australia and the U.S. follow the Uniform Tyre Quality Grading system. Included in traction rating is the temperature rating, meaning how much a tyre can disperse heat. The rating is based on the alphabet with the highest rating of A, followed by B, and then C.

  1. Rolling resistance:

Rolling resistance is the amount of energy used by vehicles on the road. The lower the resistance, the less fuel is used. Tyres play an important role in rolling resistance.

  1. Tyre designs:

Tyres are directional. This means that tyres are to be fitted in a specific direction. If you are not knowledgeable about directional tyres, your tyre company can help you find the right tyre (directional, asymmetrical, space-saver) to be fitted to the rim.

  1. Tyre code:

Tyres feature a code system that is moulded into the sidewall consisting of numbers and lettering. This code provides information on tyre size, construction, and its capacity and speed. The first three numbers represent the width of the tyre, the following two numbers stand for the percentage of a tyre’s height and width. The remaining letter and numbers stand for the wheel rim and wheel load capacity.

  1. Present Fit:

Tyres are purposefully designed to make sure they fit your type of vehicle. For example compact, high-performance 4×4, off-road, vans, mid-sized, campers, hybrids, MPVs, or electrical.

  1. Trust the Brand:

If your present brand has been working for you, keep that brand. If you need a different brand, then ask about how a tyre brand operates on the road, how it rides, are there any noise issues on the road, wear rate, efficiency, braking, speed rating, load rating, and naturally its size for your particular vehicle.


The importance of keeping tyres healthy is necessary to help to save lives. They are responsible for keeping traction and braking on the roadways, they must handle a vehicle’s load, tyres must absorb shocks, and they keep vehicles in the right direction while safely driving on the road