How to Develop Your Study Skills

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Whether you are a undergraduate student, or you have gone back to college at night while working full-time, it is difficult  to develop your study skills to achieve the results you desire. Effectively managing your time play a large role in developing your study skillset.  

Managing the time

The best ways to manage your study time is to study in half hour blocks and to take a five minute break because our brains lose concentration over time and find it hard to process information beyond a 90 minute timeframe, the half hour block method is best.

Incentivize your study

Another tip to manage your time is to incentivize your study. Plan out a set number of study topics to cover for the day. Promise yourself time to essentially whatever you really enjoy doing in your free time.

Study Tools

Past exam papers are far more effective study tools as compared to studying books highlighting endless paragraphs of text. A major benefit of this is that you will not be as anxious when it comes to the real exam. They are also crucial in identifying any gaps in your knowledge so that you can prioritize what you need to really focus on when studying.

For more detailed information about this, have a look at the below infographic which has been created by Study Medicine Europe.