How to Enjoy Your Accommodation in Baguio

Accommodation in Baguio

Enjoy a sudden transition from the towering buildings of Metro Manila to the towering heights of the mountains and cliffs of Baguio as you head for the Summer Capital of the Philippines. To be able to ensure a great stay, you should know how to pick the places where you want to comfortably hit the sack. Explore the cold climate of Baguio as you consider these factors in choosing the right accommodation in Baguio.

  1. Strategic location

The city is just small, so it’s easy to go and visit the tourist attractions just by walking or having a short ride. Look for an accommodation at the heart of the city, not limiting to hotels along Session Road. Azalea Hotels & Residences Baguio for example is located at Leonard Wood Loop, which is near the central business district, Teacher’s Camp and Mines View Park and other places that tourists usually go to.

  1. Comfortable Rooms

Even if you’re away from home, you’ll surely want to feel at-home in your accommodation in Baguio. Choose hotels which are spacious and complete with facilities, just like your own home. Take note of its size, capacity so everyone could comfortably enjoy their stay.

3.Convenient Facilities

When you’re bringing kids with you, make sure that it’s not only you who’ll get to enjoy the posh facilities of the hotel, but the kids too. Ensure that your accommodation in Baguio has various amenities which you could enjoy such as kids’ play area, restaurant, or spa center.

  1. Excellent Guest Service

Nobody likes talking to an intimidating receptionist, right? Find an accommodation in Baguio which offers not only the best facilities but also a roster of staff and management who cares about their guests.



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