How to Fit in Your Old Clothes

Fit in Your Old Clothes | How to Fit in Your Old Clothes | It’s frustrating when you realise that you no longer fit in your old clothes. Perhaps, you gained a bit of weight, and it doesn’t feel comfortable wearing the clothes. Before you decide to throw them away, there are a few things you can do. Start by building a fitted wardrobe at home to separate your clothes. You can label the ones you use from the ones you don’t. 

Try to lose weight

Of course, the only way to fit in your smaller clothes is to try losing weight. You can go on an intense exercise if you want to see results quickly. You also have to be more cautious about what you eat. It’s a long process, but you have to be patient. Consider it a challenge to fit in your old clothes again. Some people use it as a motivation to keep working out.

Redesign the clothes

Another strategy is to redesign the clothes. Perhaps, you can cut some portions and turn the clothes into something else. Some people made oversized shirts into crop tops. You can look for design ideas online. 

Alter the clothes

If it’s still possible to make some adjustments, you have to do it. Some pants can fit in if they’re too tight by adjusting the waistline. If you don’t know how to do it, you can ask a seamstress to help you. A few adjustments will be enough to fit in your clothes again. You have more reasons to do it if it’s an expensive piece of clothing. You don’t want to give up on it. 

Turn the clothes into something else

If you felt like you already tried all strategies to fit in your clothes to no avail, you can reuse them for other purposes. For instance, you can convert them into pillowcases or throw rugs. You may also use them for arts and crafts projects. Try to be creative and make the most of your clothes.

Donate them to charity 

If you gained weight and are now several sizes bigger, you might have to donate your clothes to charity. There’s no way that you can fit in them again. The problem if you challenge yourself is that you might resort to unhealthy means. The good thing is that if you can’t wear the clothes, someone else will benefit from them.

Be responsible when buying clothes

If you have too many clothes that don’t fit in, there might also be an issue with your shopping habits. You keep buying clothes that will fit for now. Remember that your body changes frequently. Try to limit your purchases. If you gain or lose weight and couldn’t wear the clothes, it will be a waste of money. Don’t feel easily tempted because the clothes are trendy. You can also uninstall your online shopping apps to resist the temptation. If you decide to buy, don’t force yourself to fit into a smaller size if your actual size isn’t available.

Find out which strategy works to avoid wasting the clothes that don’t fit anymore.