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WorldExecutivesDigest.comToday, a home workplace is not just a space to pass the time and professional time; it is also a place to inspire high quality, productivity and creativity. So, creating a great home office environment is very important, so here are 11 ideas to create an enjoyable workplace.

1.Get Green

If you can, put some green plants nearby; they add some anger, they’re more natural, and will increase your face value.

Put a green pot on the table. When you are tired, looking at the green can relieve the pressure on your eyes. The fragrance and fresh air that plants bring can make you feel more comfortable. 

2. Lighting is Very Important

Good lighting and light are also a must when working.

The first is natural light; the light must be good, and it is best to have a large window. Your desk should be by the window with plenty of light shining in to illuminate your face. If the sun is glaring, you can pull light curtains to soften the light. When you are tired of working, you can stand and rest and look at the scenery outside the window.

Secondly, artificial light is also very important. When the sun goes down and night falls, your office will become dark and affect your work. You should choose a dimming small table lamp that can protect your eyes. Your eyes will thank you, and it help your work go smoothly. 

3. Raise a Pet

Many people like pets, but they are afraid of bothering them at work. In fact, you can have a docile cat or a docile dog. When you need to work, there will always be physical and mental exhaustion. When you look at your darling, your mood will get better. If the pet is noisy, you can put him outside the room. The workplace should not be a completely closed and completely quiet place, which will make you nervous. The office environment at home can be slightly gentle and human, and your work efficiency will be improved.

4. Aromatherapy

Everyone has a different sensitivity to odor. Some people like the atmosphere created by the scent. If you like it, you can buy an aroma and create a special workspace that belongs to you only. Aromas can relax your mind and relieve stress, especially for stressful work situations. Your aroma can play a big role in providing you with a wonderful workplace.

5. Lazy Sofa Bed

Your office should not only have a job, but you should also have a corner. You should place a lazy bed in your office. When you are tired of work, you can temporarily put down your work tasks, sit on the lazy couch, take a break and pick up a book you like best. After resting for an hour, your work efficiency will also increase. This is the combination of work and rest.

6. Air Circulation 

Air circulation is very important. When summer comes, the room will be stuffy. On a breezy afternoon, you can open your window and let the breeze replace the hot air inside. When your room has not been ventilated for a long time, there will be some unpleasant smells in the room. It is necessary to keep the air flowing in order to keep the air in the whole room fresh and give you a comfortable office environment.

7. More Bookshelves

Books can be relaxing in the workspace, but untidy books are also very bad, so we need to build more bookshelves to meet our collection needs. My bookshelf is full of books, and when I am free, I pick up a favorite book and start reading. It makes me very happy? We have added a lot of things in addition to books. You can also put some collectibles, decorations, etc., it is very beautiful.

8. Carpet

Put a soft and beautiful carpet on the floor. It not only makes your eyes more comfortable, but it will also make your feet comfortable. When you work, you can step on the soft carpet, it may help you to work better. 

9. Buy a Comfortable Seat

Comfortable seats are very important. When we work, if the chair is not comfortable, it will make your back sore, which will greatly affect your work efficiency, so choose a comfortable seat. When you are tired, you can lean back on the chair and think about the next step. It will help you to work better and faster.

10. Use a Neutral Color

The color of the entire small space must be elegant, as elegant colors can alleviate visual fatigue and bring relaxation to the body. It can bring some relaxation effects when you are tired of work. The recommended wallpapers are available in grey and dark floral styles to create a simple and comfortable space.

11. Favorite Paintings

You can pick a picture you like, which will make you feel better. It can be a sunflower in the sun to make you feel energetic. It can be a small fish in the deep sea, quiet and mysterious. It can be a green forest that is energetic and can relieve visual stress. The point is that you like it. You can see it when you look up from your work. It will make you feel comfortable and work naturally.

In today’s chaotic, fast-paced, information-loaded world, our work is very heavy, but the enormous pressure will make us work inefficiently and reduce our work motivation. We need a quiet, comfortable and perfect working environment to complete our work. This is not an easy task, but we can improve our home work environment through these 11 small suggestions. I hope that has helped you.

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