How to keep your business running following a natural disaster

natural disaster | How to keep your business running following a natural disaster | When natural disasters strike, the fall-out can affect every area of life. Your office building, employees’ homes, their ability to get to work, and all of the normal parts of everyday life that we take for granted suddenly become challenging. When the initial shock dissipates, you’re left with a business to run out of a damaged building, and employees who are struggling with the ways the disaster has affected their lives and families. 


Though it can be challenging, keeping your business running can give your employees a sense of normalcy while providing them with the income they need to support their families. As a business owner, here are some things you can do to keep your business running and help your employees during these difficult times.

Provide facilities

If you own your office building and the bathroom has sustained serious damage, you might want to buy a porta potty to ensure your employees have a functioning bathroom to use, especially if you live in areas prone to hurricanes or other disasters. Otherwise renting one will suffice. If you don’t have running water, stock up on bottled water for your employees to use while they are at work. Making sure their physical needs are met will help your employees feel valued and let them focus more effectively on their work.

Communicate expectations

After the disaster, be sure to communicate with employees what your expectations are. If hours are flexible or employees can work from home, be sure to tell them and to apply the policy across the board among all employees.

Create a place at work for dealing with personal matters

Your employees probably have a lot to deal with in their personal lives, whether it’s figuring out childcare, speaking with their insurance company, or figuring out repairs on their own home. A quiet, private office (with a phone, if it’s available) can be a valuable asset to your employees as they try to get their lives back together.

Offer counseling

Making counseling available to your employees can ensure you are caring for their mental health as well as physical health. Workplace counseling can be done either in person or as an employer you can help employees connect with a counselor on the web.

Facilitate serving each other

Within your company your employees will have vastly different needs. Some of your employees will have lost nearly everything, while some may have been only mildly affected by the disaster. Proving a way and a place for employees to meet each other’s needs builds your team as well as helping meet the practical needs your employees have.

A natural disaster can change a lot of things. Your employees will need a lot of flexibility from you in the days to come. Not only are your employees valuable additions to your business, but they are unique individuals with unique needs. They will be relying on you for support during this time, so be sure you are doing all you can to help them. This will ensure that your business can stay up and running, and make your team closer than ever.