How to Look Banging While You Work Out: Best Workout Clothing Tips

How to Look Banging While You Work Out: Best Workout Clothing Tips Workout

How to Look Banging While You Work Out: Best Workout Clothing Tips | It’s that time of the year again when we start to work on our New Year’s resolutions and try to lose those pounds that we put on during the holidays. If you’re also starting a new workout program, you know that you can’t have a successful workout in your pajamas. You need proper workout clothing that will boost comfort, allow you the best mobility, keep you motivated and make you look perfect for gym selfies. So this one goes for all gym beginners—here’s how to choose the right clothing for a perfect workout: 

Gym or outdoors

It makes perfect sense to dress differently for an outdoor run and a gym workout. The key when it comes to workout clothing is to achieve comfort and functionality, so if you know the temperature of your workout environment, you can choose what to wear to prevent overheating or freezing. For an outdoor workout in colder weather, you might choose to layer up and keep your body insulated. On the other hand, an air-conditioned gym will allow you to go easy with just shorts and a tank-top. 

Choose high-performance materials

There are many reasons to ditch cotton and opt for high-performance materials for your workout clothing. Firstly, it will wick away the sweat and provide you with a more pleasant workout. Secondly, it will dry much faster instead of feeling heavy and wet. Thirdly, it compresses your muscles and increases blood flow, providing you with better results. There are more ways your workout clothing can affect your workout, but there are more than enough to change your mind, so next time you’re buying workout clothing, choose high-performance Nandex or more traditional polyester. 

Consider flexibility

Your workout clothing should allow a full range of movement for the workout you’re planning to do. For instance, if you’re having a leg day, shorts might be a great idea. If you’re working your upper body, you can wear sweatpants and a tank-top that allows free hand movements. And a full-body workout might require cozy leggings that will provide you with comfort, flexibility and plenty of movement. Plus, these are very safe, even for demanding yoga sessions, since they will keep everything safe and tucked in and minimize the possibility of wardrobe malfunction. 

Choose a bold color palette

Many of us used to just grab the first black or gray shirt and shorts and hit the gym or go for a run. Black workout clothing might be very unisex and easy to maintain, it also doesn’t do much for your mind-frame. On the other hand, bright and bold colors can lift up your mood and encourage you to have a more effective workout. If you’re not much of a fan of colors, you can add a few pops of color with accessories to your black outfit and still make a difference. 

Don’t forget the shoes

The right workout shoes will not only round up your outfit but also boost comfort and performance and reduce the possibility of injury. Different activities might require different shoes, e.g. tennis, running, basketball, lifting, etc. If you’re focusing more on cardio, you might benefit from shoes that provide good ankle support, cushioning and grip so you can stay stable while jumping and running. On the other hand, lifters need shoes that provide a firm, flat grip on the floor. No matter which shoes you get, it’s important to switch them regularly to always maintain a good level of support. 

And if you finish your gym look with a phone armband and a sweat-wicking hat (for outdoor workouts) you will be ready to give it your all at the gym. Now you actually have to stick to your exercise resolutions and be consistent with your workouts and that’s the hardest part.