How to maintain your lifestyle when you are pregnant?

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How to maintain your lifestyle when you are pregnant? | Found out recently that you are pregnant and missing your mother? Don’t know how to take care of yourself during pregnancy? Here is an article where you can learn a lot about how to maintain your lifestyle when you are pregnant.


Pregnancy is an important transition in a woman’s life where one goes through physical and emotional changes, even in uncomplicated pregnancies. It’s a normal trait among women to act a bit peculiarly during pregnancy as the hormones in the body constantly switch. Morning sickness is an everyday routine for a pregnant lady as it starts with dizziness.

This change can affect the quality of life of a woman, it affects both maternal and infant health. Therefore, maintaining a good lifestyle when pregnant is necessary for both mother and child.

Things you should and should not do to maintain a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy.

Nutrition in the course of pregnancy and bonding with your baby.

When you are pregnant, you need to change the requirements of nutrition, eat energy-giving foods, bodybuilding foods, and protective foods like milk, eggs, meat, yellow vegetables, and citrus fruits. Foods that should be avoided are foods that contain pathogens (eg: processed meats). Alcohol and caffeine might disturb fetal development. 

A mother during pregnancy should bond with her baby as much as possible in doing so you will feel the emotions and feelings of your baby. You will soon develop a maternal identity. Avoid foods that cause constipation as it is not right to put pressure downwards in this condition. 

Foods that contain fiber should be taken and plenty of water in your system should be poured. Eat well but be healthy.

No to tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy

Smoking or presence in a place where smoking is being done can affect the outcomes of pregnancy in a poor way, including inducements infertility, and bring complications into the pregnancy such as impaired infant and child development.

Drinking alcohol when you are pregnant is an impulsive move because you should know that alcohol mixes with your bloodstream and affects the fetus. when having an excessive amount of alcohol, will surely damage the fetus.

Intercourse routine

Sex during pregnancy is enjoyable for most couples but due to the changes of mood that occurs in a woman during pregnancy it can differ the choice of having sex . sex is absolutely fine to commit all through the pregnancy, it helps releases stress and tension, masturbating is also a way of doing that. if you want to engage yourself in sex it’s fine, and if not it’s fine too.

You might not feel like having intercourse as you fear harming the baby physically, and also the feeling of discomfort might occur. This also can affect the relationship of a couple.

Therefore, it’s better to think about the baby’s safety first and your mood as it is not always in control. Your partner must put your needs first especially when you are pregnant and respect your choice by not forcing into any actions that you do not want to perform for the moment.

Exercise and mental health 

The first and foremost thing to do during pregnancy is to stay active. You should focus on relieving stress, control weight gain, and reduce muscle tension. Special exercises are offered to women who have conceived which helps in strengthening abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

Make sure the environment around you while you are pregnant is nice and safe. If you have depression, panic attacks, or anxiety consult your doctor and counselor for the medicines you take. The medicines sometimes can pass through the placenta and cause miscarriage. 

Mental health can be controlled by meditation and yoga, whereas physical health needs a little bit of movement in the body, that circulates the blood around the body properly and it also helps the baby to change positions in the womb. Live a life full of happiness as whatever you go through will affect the baby. Read good books that make you calm and not excited or sad, same with movies.

Traveling during pregnancy

The best time for a pregnant lady to travel is 13 to 38 weeks of pregnancy. If your pregnancy is complicated then you should consult your doctor before traveling. Having medical care at your destination will be of help in case you need it. 

Do not visit overheated places as it will affect you by dehydrating the body, dehydrating during pregnancy means the baby has taken all the water that was available in the mother’s body, now due to heat the body of the mother requires water for herself and the baby. Also, avoid traveling to developing nations when pregnant.


Pregnancy is a gift that all mothers wait for. To protect your child is a powerful yet brave job. The habits that you have adopted throughout your life cannot be and should not be continued during pregnancy. 

From the moment you make a decision of having a baby your life changes, sacrifices and compromises which seemed very weird to you now have to be done on every step you take in life because it no more includes you only but your child too who you brought into this world. Therefore, having a healthy life and staying active mentally and physically leads to a successful birth of a child.

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Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels