How to Make a Good Virtual Impression During an Interview

Good Virtual Impression During an Interview
jumpstory-download20200822-105010 | How to Make a Good Virtual Impression During an Interview | Now that many businesses are operating remotely due to COVID-19, virtual job interviews are the new norm. 

If you lack video chat experience, you might be wondering, how do I nail an interview online? 

Start by getting acquainted with chat services and take time to learn how to operate your webcam and speakers. Do you have all the tools you need? Are you comfortable using the platform? When you understand the basics, you’ll enter your interview with confidence. 

We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you master virtual job hunting and make a fantastic first impression online!

Select a Comfortable Spot

Pay attention to your location. Since you’ll likely be in your home, choose a spot that’s free of clutter and personal items (you don’t want your prospective boss to see your vampire novel collection). A home office or tidy living area is ideal for video calls. Make sure it’s well-lit and ensure you have a comfortable place to sit. 

If you live with family or roommates, privacy is essential! Choose a place off the beaten path, so you aren’t interrupted. A room with a door that locks is even better. Make sure you receive sufficient internet signal wherever you decide to set up shop. 

It’s a nuisance to find your connectivity is patchy midway through a call. 

Don’t Just Dress Your Top Half

When using a webcam, it’s tempting to only wear business attire on top. They’ll never see your rubber-duck pajama bottoms, right? Aren’t bunny slippers considered business-casual? 

Perhaps no one will see your fluffy footwear, but dressing professionally from head to toe will make you feel prepared. Never underestimate a power-outfit. 

Here are some tips to help you feel spiffy, from head to toe:

  • Keep it Simple  Now is not the time to experiment with crazy patterns! Think about what translates well over video chat and stick with a simple collared shirt.
  •  Understated is Elegant – There’s no need to festoon yourself with tie clips, shiny rings, and pearl bracelets. Stick with casual watches for men or lovely silk scarves for women.
  • Be Comfortable – Wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable. It’s distracting if you’re constantly adjusting your blouse or fussing with your tie. 

Go Back to the Basics

We can’t say it enough—it’s all about your attitude. Go into your interview with confidence! 

Your job is to help your potential employer see how fabulous you are. Emphasize what makes you the perfect candidate.  

Making a good impression is easy, just use some old-fashioned manners:

  • Practice Eye Contact – This is interviewing 101. Eye contact demonstrates active listening and engagement. This can feel a bit awkward on a video call, but that’s okay! Throw your hesitation out the window and lock eyes with the screen.
  • Ask Questions  Prepare a few questions ahead of time. This indicates to future employers that you took the time to familiarize yourself with their company. 
  • Don’t forget to smile! If you’re nervous, you might feel too shy to smile. But remember to show your interviewer your personality and enthusiasm. A bright smile communicates warmth and a friendly disposition. 

Do Some Troubleshooting 

Before your interview begins, make sure everything is running smoothly. Is your computer fully charged? Is your internet working? Do you have your login information at the ready? 

You’ll want to work out any hiccups before you’re in the hot seat. 

In particular, make sure your software is up to date, and your chat service is running the latest version. Automatic updates are disastrous in the middle of an interview. Attend to these details a few days ahead of time, so you aren’t scrambling pre-interview to download the latest OS. 

That way, you’ll be able to focus on the interview rather than on tech troubleshooting.

Be Yourself 

Whether virtual or in-person, making a good impression is all about being yourself. Show off your quirky personality and eccentric interests! Demonstrate your attention to detail and analytical skills! 

These are the things that make you unique. 

Once you’re sitting in a plush armchair and wearing your favorite blouse, you can relax and engage in a great conversation. When you’re looking great and feeling comfortable, your personality will surely shine through (no matter how far away you are from your interviewer).