How to Make Money Playing Video Games for a Living

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Image Credit: | How to Make Money Playing Video Games for a Living | Want to live the ultimate childhood dream? Learn how to make money playing video games for a living, including what that really means.

It is estimated that the video game industry could generate as much as 138$ billion in revenue! 

Long gone are the days of playing games in the corner. Video games are slowly entering the mainstream media, and with the attention comes the revenue. There are people playing video games all over the world making money. Some get paid for personality, others get paid for skills, and some people even get paid to build and test the games of the future. There are a number of ways that someone could try and make it in the video game industry, and that industry is continuing to grow!

Here’s how to make money playing video games. 

Be Yourself

So you want to make it playing video games?

Start a Youtube channel. The Google-owned video hosting service is your chance to make a great first impression. 

When asking yourself, how to make money playing video games, remember that it’s all about building an audience and being entertaining. Youtube allows you to create a virtual portfolio that an audience and even game developers can use to learn who you are. 

Making money playing video games is not as easy as playing the right game. That is part of it, but having people like who you are and what content you put out is equally as important. The way that Youtube works is that you can get compensated if you reach a partner level for every view and more, but first, you need people to enjoy the work you do. 

Going Live!

If you think video games are a dying trend… think again!

Amazon-owned Twitch can become one of the premier places to watch live video games both casually and competitively. However, other companies like Microsoft have their own version of video game streaming services like Mixer.

For someone who is wondering how to make money playing video games, this is great news! The way that Twitch, Mixer and other streaming services work is that the content creator plays video games live and the audience may drop in and out at any time. The more entertaining the person, the more people watching. 

The difference between Youtube and Twitch lies in the way people can make money. When streaming on Twitch, your audience can “tip” you in bits (the virtual currency that they must buy) or in real money through tips or monthly paid subscriptions.

This allows the person who is playing the video games to engage live with their audience and play videogames at the same time along with the Game Giveaways. It also allows for direct feedback so you can know just how the people watching your content feel about what you are doing… both negatively and positively.

On a side note, Youtube has also allowed people to stream their content live. Each streaming service has some minor differences attached to them, Twitch is currently the largest name in video game streaming and not only hosts individual personalities but also showcases videogame tournaments. These tournaments are being held all around the world for varying degrees of money, making e-sports bigger than ever.

Get Competitive

The champions of the Call of Duty World League last year won an estimated prize pool of $10 million!

Online video games have become more than just another way to blow of steam. Competitive video games are changing how people play and watch video games, and those that are skilled at the games are becoming stars! The final tournament of a free-to-play computer game called: League of Legends was estimated to be viewed by more than 100 million people!

With more viewers and interest comes more money. Players are beginning to receive endorsement deals, signing bonuses, insane contracts, and name brand notoriety, but they must prepare like traditional athletes.

No time is wasted for a competitive video game player, and only those that are most dedicated rise to the top, however, tournaments are started every day with different ways for people to test their skills and try to become an e-sports star!

How To Make Money Playing Video games: You Can Do It Too!

Have you always tried to find the secrets in videogames?

Every video game that ships to the public started as an idea in a company. That idea takes time to build and grow. If you have the skills or desire you too can help make video  games. Video game companies are constantly looking for talented people who can help in art, writing, game design, graphics and more! You could turn your passion into a daily job, making your living building worlds people will fall in love with! 

Another way on how to make money playing video games is to try and become a game tester. Each game requires beta testing before being shipped out to the public, and video game companies will pay people to come in and test their game. This a completely different type of playing videogame though.

To be a good beta tester the company is asking you to essentially try and find the breaks in the game. Computer coding and technology can be difficult and having someone test all the small aspects of the game makes sure that when that game hits the shelf it will be as enjoyable as possible. You can make plenty of money testing videogames, but your pay is dependent on your skill at finding and recognizing the potential issues with the game.

If you want to make money playing videogames, why not try and make them yourself, or help a company make the next big game? 

Press to Start

Playing video games can become a full-time job today!

Like any other job though, it will take skill, patience, and personality to set yourself apart.

The video  game industry will continue to grow as more people watch and engage with videogames and those that play them. If you think that the vide ogame industry is the place for you; then the time may be now! It has never been easier to get started, with the ability to add videos to Youtube, stream live on Twitch or build your own video games you could be the next video game star. 

So the answer to the question, how to make money playing video games, is to just do it! Become the personality you can’t help but watch!

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