How to Make the Exterior of your House Look Glamorous

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by Sarah Williams, World Executives Digest | The place that is the dearest to us in this entire world is our home. You can never be any more comfortable anywhere else, even if you stay in the most luxurious and costliest hotel of the world. When it comes to the house, everyone wants theirs to look the best and the most comfortable. You will not leave any stone unturned to make your home look the world’s most beautiful place. Not just the interior of the house on which you pay a lot of attention, but the exterior of your house must also look exceptional.

Most of the times people forget that when it comes to renovating the house, it is not just meant to the interiors of the house, but you must be equally concerned about the exterior looks as well. You must make sure that the designer you hire must pay equal attention to the looks of the house outside as well as inside. Why! You would want your house to gleam from not just inside!

Whereas, when it comes to decorating the house within, it is a lot more complex as even if you decorate rooms according to the whims and fancies of the owner, with a set layout, it may still seem insufficient. But when it comes to renovation of the exterior of your house, you have to be a lot more careful. The area is vast, with not many components, and it will be easier to trip.

To ease out the task for you, we have come up with a list of some components that you must be very particular about while doing this job. Let us have a look.

Painting of the exterior- the colour scheme you are following is something that has to be uniform everywhere, both inside and outside the house. At the time of renovation, you will have to spare yourself some time amidst the hassles of buying new furniture, or some construction work in the house, you will have to take out time and make a decision about the colour that will be used to paint the exterior of your house. Not just one colour, you will be bound to choose more than one colours and prints. Be careful when you make that decision and do not do it until you take the guidance of your designer. You must remember that the walls of the house will make the first impression so the colour and the print, the type of paint you want to use for the walls so that it not only gives the perfect texture but also safeguards the walls of the house.

The doors and the windows- the doors and windows of your house are an important aspect of its appearance. When you look at the house, your eyes first land on the door of the house along with the beautifully painted walls. When you aim to give your house a makeover, you must pay special attention to the doors and windows of the house as well. Maybe they need an upgrade. You can get the window panes changed, a new door probably for the house or you can get them painted in a different colour depending upon the new colour scheme. If you are interested in putting up new window grilles, you can take the help of RS Engineering Installations Ltd who are an expert in the field.

The entrance and the stairs- Well, if you really want to add grandeur to the exterior of your house, then the entrance must be grand. No, I am not really talking about the first wooden door of your house leading to the living room, but the iron gates at the end of your garden. Get bespoke iron gates made for your house to make yourself feel no less than a royal! Not only this, adding beautiful hand railings and balcony railings will also give your house a new look if you choose to go for a design which is glamorous and distinguished.

Replace tired building materials. This is one many don’t think of or consider; but old, tired, rusted pipework in and outside of the home can ruin the “renovated” look. Usually, replacing these items is a job you can do yourself at home and on a strict budget. It’s a very cost effective way to improve the look of your home. For example, the solvent waste pipes in the bathroom can be replaced with a matching colour. Along with the push fit soil pipes on the side of the house. Tired guttering? Why not replace with some high quality cast iron guttering, or if you’re on a budget you could install new plastic half round guttering. Moving further up, what about the fascias and soffits? Replacing timber with new plastic fascias can be a very cost effective way to really tidy up the look from the exterior of the property. These are also available in different colours and woodgrain effects to give a realistic look.