How to Plan and Throw a Corporate Party or Event: The Complete Guide

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WorldExecutivesDigest| How to Plan and Throw a Corporate Party or Event: The Complete Guide | If you are trying to learn how to plan and throw a corporate party or event, you are in luck. You can check out our helpful guide here.

Are you in charge of an upcoming corporate party or event and just have no place to start? Planning a corporate event can be easy as long as you stick to a simple guide and get everything done ahead of time. 

When you plan and throw a corporate party or event you want it to be a hit for everyone who attends. There are tons of details that you need to look into when planning this type of event to make sure it runs smoothly. 

Keep reading for our complete guide on how to plan and throw a corporate party or event. 

What’s the Goal of Your Event?

When it comes to planning your corporate event or party you need to have a clear goal in mind. It could be a party to help your team get to know each other and work well together. You could even throw an event to help attract more attention to your business or gain more customers. 

The goal of your party or event can either be internal or external but having a clear goal in mind will definitely help you with the rest of the details. 

Get a Team Together

If you’re trying to plan a large corporate event or even one on the smaller side, then you’re going to need a team of people to help you. Everything shouldn’t have to be up to you alone so find your team to help you plan. 

When you have found your team, then you can set out the goals and tasks of the party and assign jobs. Make sure everyone is in charge of something so you know things will get done. As the person planning, you will still be in charge of all the moving parts but won’t have to focus so heavily on the small details. 

Work Out a Budget

Your budget should go into great detail about how much you’re allowing yourself to spend on each aspect of the party or event. Do some research beforehand and see how much things are going to cost you before creating your budget. 

During the planning process of the event, you may not realize how quickly costs are adding up without having a proper budget

If you’re looking for a way to get more money, then you could consider selling tickets to your event, talking with another company or business to help sponsor you, or even trying to get discounts or deals from certain vendors. 

Choose a Venue

One of the most important aspects of planning a corporate party or event is choosing the venue because it could either make or break your event. First think about how many people you will be inviting and how many people will actually show up, then go from there. 

You also need to make sure there will be enough room for your entertainment, for your guests to socialize, for food, as well as any other activities you plan to have during your event. A lot of the time hosting a corporate event at your office is the most cost-efficient, but if you’re a small office inviting lots of people sometimes that just won’t work. 

Take a tour of some of the venues around your city to find the perfect place to throw your event. You could even find venues that have built-in party planners so you can take some of the weight off your shoulders. 

Pick the Perfect Date

Another important task when it comes to planning a corporate party or event is choosing a good date that you think people will be able to come. When you throw an event you want people to attend so don’t eliminate attendees by choosing a bad date!

Take into account all of the important holidays, for example, it might be a bit difficult to throw a regular corporate event or party in the month of December because of Christmas time. 

You will also need to make sure you give yourself and your attendees enough time to prepare. Planning a corporate event can be a lot of work so you will want to make sure you’re giving yourself ample time to get everything done. Your attendees may also need time to make sure they can attend your event especially if you’re inviting people who may need to travel. 

Event Entertainment

So when it comes to your corporate event what exactly will your attendees be doing? If you’re planning a networking event, then there is only so much time that the people who attend will be able to entertain themselves. 

Hiring a corporate event entertainer is crucial to having a successful and fun event that people will remember. There are plenty of entertainers that you could hire whether you’re looking for something fun like a magician or something a bit more serious like a keynote speaker. 

Make sure that your entertainer is prepared to deal with the size of your audience. You might not need someone to entertain the audience as a whole but rather throughout the night in small groups. 

Create a Positive Buzz

When planning your event, you want people to come so make sure anytime you talk about it that it is positive. Even if you’re just talking with your coworkers no one is going to want to go to an event that you’ve put in a negative light. 

You should also make sure you’re creating a positive buzz about your event on social media. Whether you’re trying to sell tickets or just get people hyped up about the fun event coming up. 

Social media is crucial for you to advertise your event on. You can give your followers some sneak peeks and get them excited about the things to come. 

Plan the Best Corporate Party

When it comes to planning the best corporate party or event you just need to make sure you look at all the details. There are tons of moving parts within a corporate party or event so make sure you have a great time on your side to help you. 

If you’re looking to share your event on a different platform, then make sure to check out what we can do for you.