How to Protect Your Windows During a Storm

How to Protect Your Windows During a Storm diy home repair

How to Protect Your Windows During a Storm | With a changing climate bringing more frequent and more intense storms, the ability to protect your windows is important. When hurricane-force winds blow through, you want to protect your investment. On average, replacing windows can cost up to $1,000 to replace damaged windows.

There are things you can do to protect your windows from hurricane damage and extreme weather.

Here’s how to protect windows during a storm.

Protect Windows With Shutters

Window shutters protect your windows from hurricane damage and the high winds that accompany this type of storm. They can protect your windows from the flying debris that comes at a high rate of speed and prevent the glass from smashing at your home.

Window shutters also add value to your home in the resale process. It’s simply one less thing a potential buyer would have to do once purchasing the home.

They also look nice and add curb appeal, given the number of different colors and available styles. Window shutters are also energy efficient because they block out the harmful UV rays of the sun. You won’t spend as much money cooling your house using air-conditioning!

Hurricane Impact Windows

When looking at how to choose windows, you might consider hurricane impact windows. The window standards are much higher. When something hits the window, it won’t shatter.

Hurricane impact windows are made from high-grade aluminum and materials made to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.

Once a contractor installs these windows, you don’t do anything else. Because the window standards are higher, you won’t cover these windows with plywood; the system doesn’t block any potential emergency exit.

Like many new windows, they save year-round on energy costs and look great in your home.


Adding trim to your doors and windows can protect windows from hurricane damage. By upgrading window standards with trim, you prevent excess water from coming into your home at the height of the storm.

If the look of trim concerns you, don’t worry. Trim comes in a variety of colors and styles. It also doesn’t chip or crack, meaning it’s very durable and will hold up to all kinds of weather conditions.

Afraid it won’t match the current style of your home? You can learn more simply by browsing different styles.

Clean Your Gutters

When extreme weather comes through, it often brings heavy rains and high winds. Those elements bring twigs, branches, leaves, and other debris right to your home. They clog up your gutters and cause them to overflow.

Clean your gutters before the storm arrives. Hurricanes can last a long time, so you’ll want your gutters as clean as can be when the storm affects your community.

Protect Your Windows During a Storm

You can protect windows during a storm with window shutters, installing hurricane impact windows, and adding trim. Cleaning your gutters will also help prevent hurricane damage.

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