How to Rip DVD or Blu-ray Disc to Computer

Rip DVD or Blu-ray Disc to Computer

“I really love this Blu-ray movie, how can I put it on my computer for playing during the trip?”

“I just wonder how can I watch my DVD movie without carrying a DVD drive?”

Be familiar with such questions? Image that you have collected lots of DVD and Blu-ray discs around your home, and you would like to save your space or just to keep such discs from scratching and damaging or watch your favorite DVD/Blu-ray movies on your computer or phone, then you are in the right place. Well, the best choice to solve such questions is to rip the discs into digital formats.

In this article, we are going to show you how to convert DVD and Blu-ray discs to your computer thus you can watch such movie collections on your computer or just transfer them to iPad or other portable devices.

The Ultimate DVD Ripper: VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper

Honestly, there are lots of DVD rippers around the market, but my priority is always VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper, which is an awesome but handy program for you to pick. This program is not only widely recognized for its primary function to rip DVD/Blu-ray movies, but also being frequently used due to its supporting functions. Read further to find out why VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper is such a wonderful program.

The Recommendation Reasons:

  1. Easy-to use interface.

With its quick and uncomplicated installation process, you can easily install VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper without any issues. What’s more, the interface of the program is intuitive and friendly to handle, even the novice won’t have any problems in learning how to use this program.

  1. Sorts of output formats.

You can quickly convert or rip Blu-ray/DVD discs to more than 300 video/audio formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, MP3, MOV, AAC, etc with high quality. You are available to choose the suitable video formats according to the devices you want to transfer.

  1. Crack encryption quickly.

This program can easily get rid of the encryption of DRM including AACS, CSS, CPRM and region code. You don’t have to worry about decrypting Blu-ray/DVD files and backup them to your computer.

  1. Easy editing function.

With various functional editing features equipped with the program, you can easily configure the videos before ripping. It allows you to rotate videos, add 3D effects, subtitles, take snapshots and more.

All in all, VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper has all the key features that other DVD rippers have, while provide more extra functions you cannot find on other rippers. However, you need to understand that the trial version has only 5-minute period for you to rip Blu-ray/DVD discs for free. As to keep using the program, you will have to pay for it. But anyway, it is a worth paying for a fully supported product.

Simple Guides on How to Rip DVD or Blu-ray Disc to Computer

Step 1. Load DVD/Blu-ray Disc

Insert the DVD/Blu-ray disc into the external drive or into the computer’s DVD-ROM and wait for the computer to read it. Then launch VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper, click on “Load Disc” to choose what kind of disc you want to load.

Step 2. Choose Output Format

Click the “Profile” to choose the format you need from the drop-down list as the output format.

If you are going to convert such Blu-ray/DVD movie for playback on your device, choose the device-oriented categories for the specific device like smart phone, TVs, PS4, tablets, then the program will automatically set the suitable output format for matching your devices.

Step 3. Edit Video (Optional)

Before converting, here you can edit your output files in the “Edit” section. You can crop, rotate, adjust effect, add watermark/3D etc. to customize your videos. In addition, adjusting other effects like brightness, saturation and contrast is available too.

Step 4. Convert DVD/Blu-ray Disc

After you choose an output destination for your edited video files, go ahead and click “Convert” button to start ripping DVD/Blu-ray to videos.

Once the conversion is finished, you can find it on the destination folder you located just now and enjoy your movies with your computer.

In case that you want to play the movie on your handheld devices like iPad or iPhone, you need to load the converted files into the iTunes on your computer and sync to the iTunes on your iPhone or iPad, or you can stream the files to smart TV with a USB and then you can enjoy them at anytime and anywhere.

This is VideoSolo BD-DVD Ripper, an powerful and nicely program for you to rip DVD/Blu-ray disc to computer. This program doesn’t just rip movies well, but also provides you with the tools to make your videos even higher quality. It’s worth your downloading and won’t let you down.