How to Select the Right Picture Frame for Beautiful Interiors

How to Select the Right Picture Frame for Beautiful Interiors

How to Select the Right Picture Frame for Beautiful Interiors | Visuals capture people’s attention more than any other thing. Pictures allow you to relive the past, which truly feels heart-warming. When it comes to interior decoration, artwork like wall hangings, picture frames, and sculptures can easily bring a sense of texture into your space. To make your artwork look more aesthetic or make your room more personalised, you can buy picture frames online that are handcrafted with the finest materials and are defined by their design and beauty. 

For choosing a frame that compliments your interiors and forges a great ambience, you need to pay attention to certain factors. Given below are essential considerations that you can follow.

Material of the Frame

Photo frames are crafted from several materials, prominent among which are wood and metal. Your choice between metal and wood majorly depends on the pictures that you want to frame. Different kinds of pictures and pieces blend well with frames of various materials. Your interior décor theme also influences the material choice.

Suppose you want to impart a traditional look to your interiors using paintings, big photographs, and artworks. In that case, you can go in for wooden frames. But if you want to frame abstract art or family portraits, you can buy picture frames online that are crafted out of metal. Silver and rose gold metal frames have a trendy and modern vibe. They will impart a more elegant look to your interiors and make your pictures stand out. 

Colour of the Frame

The colour of the frame majorly depends on your personal preference. But if you’re unable to decide on a colour, then follow these tips.

  • Choose a frame colour that also figures in your artwork. It imparts more cohesiveness in the display.
  • For a dramatic effect, choose a colour that is the exact opposite of the picture. This approach is especially useful for a simplistic piece. 

Pay Attention to the Wall Colour

Often, people don’t pay attention to their walls while choosing a frame. But wall colours make a tremendous impact on the overall look of your room. You obviously will not use white frames on a white wall. But more important than this is harmony between colours and tones that are different but still work together. 

For instance, you can add a gold-coloured frame on a neutral wall, but you can also see the look it gives against a wall with a rich red colour. Black frames can seem quite cold on neutral-coloured walls. 

Suffice to say that wall colours can make or break the entire look. So, be mindful of them.

Assess the Kind of Fixtures in the Room

Fixtures and fittings exert an influence on both the style and colour of the photo frames. For instance, if your kitchen has numerous silver fittings, you should refrain from using silver frames. It can make the whole room seem too matching and, in turn, leaves no scope for any contrast. It only diminishes the appeal of the entire room. 

Examine the Ceiling Height 

The ceiling height also affects the choice of the picture frame. If you have a high ceiling, look for bolder frame options. On the other hand, if you have low ceilings, then installing tall, contemporary artworks in portrait dimensions will promote a more harmonious look. 

As you can see, selecting the right frame does require a good amount of thought process. But to impart your interiors a great ambience, you need to make a thoughtful decision. 

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